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Leo Rayman

CEO & Founder

Leo Rayman is the founder, CEO, Chief Strategy Officer, speaker, writer, and start-up mentor. He believes businesses can help shape the world for the better. To achieve that, Leo thinks there is a need to invent - or reinvent - companies for a post-carbon, more equitable world.

Leo scouts, designs, and assembles new business models, propositions, products, and organization designs that actively create a better future for everyone. His driving force is helping people make smarter decisions and set aside their limiting assumptions. Leo aims to bring surprising new thinking to the problems we all face and overturn established 'rules'.

Leo also enjoys helping others unlock their potential. Leo is a big fan of coaching and applies techniques to magnify the talent of the people Leo works with and help them realize the potential in their ideas.

People who know Leo would likely tell you that Leo has real energy, enthuses those around Leo with ambition, vision, and imagination, tells a compelling story, and is opinionated but humble enough to change Leo's mind.

Leo's substack posts can be found here: https://theupstream.substack.com.

May 18, 2023

The Great Transition

In this new episode of , hosts converses with , CEO and Founder of The discuss the biggest social, economic, and cultural opportunity of our lifetimes, in an effort to help us all redirect our ways toward a circular, regenerative …

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