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Cliff is Managing Partner of Agile 2 Academy. He co-founded the Agile 2 movement ( and was the lead author of Agile 2: The Next Iteration of Agile. Cliff helps organizational leaders to define and execute strategies that will increase agility. Previously Cliff was CTO and co-founder of Digital Focus (purchased by Command Information in 2006), a 1995 startup that grew to 200 people in five years and adopted Agile (eXtreme Programming) in 2000. Cliff has been a nuclear engineer, an electrical engineer, a programmer, and architect, an entrepreneur, and an executive. He has masters degrees from Cornell in Operations Research and Nuclear Engineering, and is an avid reader of books of all kinds, including mathematics, biochemistry, and psychology.

March 9, 2023

Special Agile Roles: Are They needed?

During their second conversation with , the Managing Partner of , hosts and explore the reasons behind Cliff's belief that, although special Agile roles have long been the norm for Agile adoptions, their...

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Jan. 5, 2023

Agile has Not Been Agile

In this first #rHatcherylive conversation of 2023, hosts Matt Perez and Jose Leal chat with Cliff Berg, Managing Partner of Agile 2 Academy, about why he feels that the Agile movement cannot continue as it has and why a significant …

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