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Executive Chairman & CEO

Dr. Abed Baidas has a successful business career spanning over 30 years. He has been involved in business endeavors worldwide. Heading a team of international branding experts, he pioneered the development of Identity Branding Forum fundamentals and processes, introducing the “identity branding culture” in the Arab World, combining the science of human development with the art of branding to build “brand’s identity” value
aligned with businesses’ organizational behavior – where our name in Arabic المنتدى ل تطوير الهوية المؤسسي ة became synonymous with related projects in the region.

The latest accomplishment of Dr. Baidas includes the development and launch of three major achievements, the Sustainable Human Development Protocol and its IPEN™ Clubb engagement cluster, to connect companies to human life-long journey to create recyclable opportunities and achieve sustainability, and Talents of Endearment youths and business transformation platform. Dr. Baidas has also been the architect of number of international initiatives that includes 20X initiative, SpeedX initiative, Startup1234 initiative, Economies of Crisis initiative, Arab Women Convention, iGeneration Initiative. Dr. Baidas is a veteran branding expert with some well-known brands, and an expert speaker and trainer on a wide range of social, economic, business and government related topics.

Dr. Baidas is a member of international universities Advisory Boards that includes Amity University – Noida, India, that has over 200,000 students through branches in 12 countries around the world including UAE, Kenya, South Africa, USA, Canada, and the UK.

May 16, 2023

Building the Power of Disruptive Youth

In this episode of , hosts and discussed a radical way of unleashing opportunities for the future of work and business with , Group Chairman and CEO of .

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