Aug. 2, 2023

Collective Entrepreneurship

During a recent episode of,  hosts Matt Perez and Jose Leal conducted an interesting conversation with Gustavo Mendes, Cofounder of Coonecta. Listen in to discover the potential and the vast, yet unexplored field of cooperative entrepreneurship, which proposes the development of innovative business models with democratic management and shared ownership.

During an engaging episode of, Matt Perez and Jose Leal engaged in an enlightening conversation with Gustavo Mendes Nascimento, the visionary Cofounder of Coonecta - Cooperativismo e Inovação.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore the uncharted territory of cooperative entrepreneurship and its potential for innovative business models.
  • Adopt democratic management and shared ownership to foster a more inclusive and collaborative entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Reveal the hidden opportunities within collective entrepreneurship for sparking growth and creating positive social impact.

Tune in to gain fresh perspectives on the power of collective entrepreneurship!

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Gustavo MendesProfile Photo

Gustavo Mendes


Gustavo Mendes is co-founder of Coonecta - Cooperativism and Innovation. The company's mission is to make cooperativism a protagonist of the New Economy by activating the cooperative innovation ecosystem, with events, international missions, workshops, and training. He is passionate about platform cooperativism, cooptechs and innovation with cooperative DNA.

Gustavo has already given lectures for: WCM, Sicredi Foundation, Frisia, OCB System, CNPQ, National Sescoop, Sescoop-GO, Ailos System, among others. He mentored Hacking Rio 2020 and the Sicredi Youth Committee in 2021. As content director, he organized more than 250 corporate conferences for the thousand largest companies.