Recovery Uncensored

Welcome to the Big Z Media Podcast, Recovery Uncensored with Ty Bechel, the #1 recovery and community-based podcast in the Midwest where we focus on addiction, mental health, recovery, and community and cultural change. We sit down to discuss real stories of hope, challenges, and triumphs with real people, giving them the mic for a censor-free zone. Guests bring personal and professional testimonies, exposing their vulnerabilities to highlight struggles and change in their individual lives or in their community. Monthly episodes allow a great conversation to take place so we can all learn something new and share with one another ways to recover, lift each other up, and find health and happiness. Sponsored by Gateway Foundation.

Recent Episodes

July 14, 2021

Recovery Uncensored Ep 31: Let's Rave!

Heather sits down with Ty, host of Recovery Uncensored, at the Big Z Media studio. She discusses growing up after the divorce of …

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July 13, 2021

Recovery Uncensored Ep 30: From Disney to Dope

Allison stops by the Big Z Media studio and hangs out with Recovery Uncensored and drops the skinny about her remarkable story. E…

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July 2, 2021

Recovery Uncensored Ep 29: A Guy Named Brian

Brian began telling his story that he once thought was boring... once he no longer felt nervous his narrated journey unpacked the…

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June 8, 2021

Recovery Uncensored Ep. 28: When Does a Jailbird Fly Free?

From a small town to multiple prisons, Colby joins us in the Big Z Media studio. He shares how his release from prison and reflec…

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April 27, 2021

Recovery Uncensored Ep 27: Let's Talk About Sex (W/ Brianne Davis)

Episode 27 is unlike any other episode we have produced. During this episode, we shift gears into discussing sex and love addicti…

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April 13, 2021

Recovery Uncensored Ep 26: Two Sisters In Recovery Tell It All

Two sisters, Brittney Yotter, and Rachael Capriglione stop by the Big Z Media Studio and sit down with our host, Ty Bechel, to di…

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Recovery Uncensored: First Time for Everything

Holy (bleep)! Our first blog on our newly developed podcast website is a milestone in itself. We over at Recovery Uncensored and Big Z Media cannot thank…