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Great Podcast
Real life and humble. Not all glitz and glamour. Keeps it simple and has amazing guest on with real life experience. Also follow him on Twitter he will keep you entertained while giving amazing advice.

Wonderful podcast! Listen to this NOW! The cat’s meow!
I listen to this podcast because this guy’s voice puts my cat to sleep. And then my dog attacks the cat only when it sleeps. But the dog has to leave the bed to attack the cat. However when my dog is not in the bed, my wife then cuddles me. And when my wife cuddles me fun things happen. So basically, listen to this to get laid. And to have a fighting dog and an angry cat. And to maybe learn how to invest in real estate or something too but that’s not what I’m here for.

Must Listen
If you have an interest in real estate, you have to check out this podcast! Alan is so knowledgeable and the conversations are great. Tap in!

It’s a “build your real estate portfolio from the ground up,” highly recommended
So far I just listened to two episodes (and read a bunch of Alan’s tweets), one with Tanya Rooney and one with Jordan Santiago, and the best thing I like about this podcast is how hands on and from the ground up it is. You can easily imagine yourself in the same position as Alan’s guests, starting from zero (or thereabouts) and working their way up with a hustler mentality and persistence and scrappiness. Loved Alan’s inserts, too, he stops recording with his interviewees at times to explain particular notions, concepts or terms that may not be clear to beginners. Highly recommended.

Must-Listen for Practical REI Strategies
If you're looking to understand the process of real estate investing, then Alan's podcast Real Estate Maximalist is a must-listen! In every episode, Alan offers practical strategies and creative ways to make your money work for you. Highly recommend!

Great Podcast
I really enjoyed the conversation I had with Alan and the content he produces on his podcast. Great information covering all areas of real estate. Highly Recommend!!!

Excellent podcast
Very valuable and raw real estate knowledge, 5 stars

Great Podcast Host
Alan does a really great job interviewing and digging in to the details to provide an excellent educational podcast.

So many great pieces of advice!!
Alan is great on this podcast. So many great guests and lots of tid bits on how to become FIRE quickly within real estate! 💚💚

Alan is a fantastic host who brings on great guests!

Favorite real estate pod
Inspired me to stop renting and buy my first home after just a couple months of listening.