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Positively Trek

Positively Trek

Trek experts Dan and Barry discuss a variety of Trek topics, often with special guests! We want to share our love of the Star Trek universe, and celebrate how it has touched our lives. We also cover news and reviews of all new Star Trek shows and films!

Recent Episodes

May 16, 2024

Officer, Widower, Father, Mentor, Emissary

Benjamin Sisko: A Deep Dive
May 3, 2024

Book Club: They Sure Like Writing for Garak!

Star Trek Explorer Presents: “The Mission” and Other Stories - Part 2/2
April 19, 2024

The Vibe That Is Data

Data, Part 2: Nemesis, Picard, and Beyond...
March 28, 2024

Book Club: Morn’s Little Partner in Crime

Deep Space Nine: The Dog of War
March 21, 2024

He’s Already More Human Than Human

Data: Part One