Pod 4 Good

Pod 4 Good

Jesse Ulrich and Chris Miller, two lifelong friends who have a passion to make their home city and state stronger, tackle the issues, articulate the frustrations, investigate the whys, and cheer the triumphs of the many hard-working individuals and their dynamic organizations who are working to make Tulsa, Oklahoma and the world a more vibrant and inclusive place.

Recent Episodes


May 12, 2022

Chris and Jesse are joined by the founder and executive director of GAAAYS IN SPAAACE! Dan tells the story of why GAAAYS IN SPAAACE was founded, why representation matters to all, and what is next for GAAAYS IN SPAAACE! Chec…

Ben Von Drehle, the Root Coworking space and the Future of Work

April 28, 2022

The Root Coworking Space is a Tulsa-based coworking space that offers a flexible and community-based environment for businesses and entrepreneurs. The space is operated by Ben Von Drehle, that was opened in October 2019. We …

Tim Landes Jr., the First Guy on Omaha Beach, and the Future of Digital Media

April 7, 2022

Jesse and Chris were delighted to speak with Tim Landes Jr., Digital Editor for Tulsa People and host of the Tulsa Talks podcast! We talk about the state of digital media today, some of the most interesting stories we has he…

BillionMinds, Rethinking Productivity, and Technology Fails

March 24, 2022

Chris and Jesse are joined by Paul Slate and Ryan Tubbs, the cofounders of Billionminds, check them out: Homepage - BillionMinds BillionMinds . Paul and Ryan talk about the reality of work and life that we are currently livi…

Chris Davis, the Tulsa Creative Engine, and who is an Artist

March 10, 2022

Chris and Jesse are joined by Chris Davis, co-founder of the Tulsa Creative Engine (shoutout to the other co-founder Bianca Caampued and friend of the pod Tyrance Billingsley II.) We discuss Chris's journey to the Tulsa Crea…

Labrisa Williams, the Tulsa Birth Equity Initiative, and Zelda

Feb. 24, 2022

Chris and Jesse are joined by the Labrisa Williams, the executive director of the Tulsa Birth Equity Initiative. They talk about the disparities in maternal healthcare, in healthcare as a whole, what we all need to know abou…