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Nov. 1, 2023

S2 Ep. 21 Skills That Can Make or Break your Career!

S2 Ep. 21 Skills That Can Make or Break your Career!

In this podcast, I review the top 10 soft skills desired by employers today. According to Peggy Clause the author of the book Soft Skills, "Soft skills get little respect but they will make or break your career".

The top 10 soft skills are: (1) Work ethic - the commitment, discipline and dedication one demonstrates toward their work or responsibilities; (2) time management - the ability too effectively prioritize time to accomplish tasks and meet deadlines; (3) Communication - communicating effectively involves conveying and receiving information, ideas, and feelings through verbal, nonverbal, and written thoughts; (4) Adaptability - the capacity to adjust and respond positively to changing circumstances, environments, and situations; (5) Problem Solving - refers to the ability to identify, analyze and find solutions to complex or difficult issues; (6) Teamwork - the ability to collaborate and work effectively with others toward a shared goal, fostering cooperation and contributing to a positive team dynamic; (7) Creativity - the ability to generate original ideas, think outside the box and approach tasks or challenges in innovative ways; (8) Leadership - involves guiding and inspiring others to work toward a common objective, motivating and influencing individuals or groups to achieve their best potential; (9) Interpersonal skills - the ability to interact and communicate effectively with others, building and maintaining positive relationships and (10) Attention to Detail - which refers to the ability to accurately and carefully focus on the specifics and finer points of a task or situation.

As you progress through your career journey, remember that employers can train you for the hard skills they require (i.e., coding, using excel), but they do not have the time or want to train you in soft skill development. Soft skills are the skills they are looking for and will often times make up for the "hard" skills you lack.

Enjoy the journey!