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June 6, 2022

S2 Ep. 13 - Pivoting from Multiple Food Allergies

S2 Ep. 13 - Pivoting from Multiple Food Allergies

Friedrich Nietzsche “what does not kill me makes me stronger.”

A discussion with Paul Denoncourt, Certified Holistic Health Consultant and owner of Enrichyourhealth. Paula has recently written a book about her struggles with insecurity, food allergies and starting her own business. 

Health Coaching with Paula Denoncourt - Enrichyourhealth - https://enrichurhealth.com

1.  But God! I'm Still Here! - Paula Denoncourt, Vol. HerStory


2. Overcoming Illness with Paula Denoncourt - https://elevationtvnetwork.com/live-tv/.

3.  Supersize Me - Morgan Spurlock


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