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Love listening to you guys!
Just started listening to the podcast! Such an amazing podcast. Y’all have taught me so much and I can relate too so well! Thanks for the advice just great! I started all the way from the beginning.

Best Show Ever!!
love it!!!…this podcast has taught so much. How to treat my wife, how to handle situations, how to handle my kids and life. Love y’all!!! I promise y’all remind me of my wife and I. I love it. Keep going strong. This has really been a help to us. This is by far my favorite podcast

I love it!
My new favorite couple podcast, thank you guys for keeping it real on this show. Keep up the good work.

Love y’all
I just love love love this! I DO NOT listen to podcasts but I will now...the perfect pair!!

Lindsey couple episode
Wow I really appreciate you listening to your viewers feedback it shows you really care and aren’t above us. You didn’t have to remove the Lindsey’s podcast episode but you DID! Good for you! No use getting tangled up with the biggest frauds out there.

Love the show
Love the show and it could be longer. Especially with advertisements. Keep up the good work.

It’s hard to wait for the next episode! More please
I really enjoy the joyful balance that they share. Great topics. I listen with my partner because a lot of the times the topics help us in our household. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Luv it
RockT and Krystal I really enjoying this podcast. You guys are such a perfect pair. I have learn a lot from you guys.My husband and I are going on 20 years strong. What makes our marriage last is to keep God first.

The absolute best!
I love you guys! I feel like I know y’all. I’m a truck driver, and I listen to your podcasts everyday while driving, in fact, it’s the only podcast I listen to lol. I turned my fiancé on to it, and now she’s hooked too. We listen to you together at home as well. Keep up the great work, you guys remind us of ourselves.

I love it!!!
I promise y’all remind me of my wife and I. I love it. Keep going strong. This has really been a help to us. This is by far my favorite podcast

#relationshipgoals & #blendedfamilygoals
You two are the best!💗😍 My fiancé and I love the podcast. We dont always listen together but we will listen separately then talk about it. Crystal I applaud you for raising those girls like they were your own. Keep doing what you, its so real, relatable and laughs or infectious. May God bless you both. Thank you

I’m not even married or dating, but I LOVE listening to this! It’s informative and HILARIOUS!

Excellent advice
I enjoy this podcast because you both give excellent advice, I am excited for future topics, keep up the good work🎖🥇🏆

I ❤️ this podcast
I love this podcast, it’s very helpful for a single mom like myself with two kids❤️❤️

Same Page
Now that my husband and I are finally on the same page. This will help us stay on track! I love this and thanks for sharing your world with us. It helps a lot!

Faithful listener!
I don’t even listen too podcasts but I sooo love this one. It’s so relatable and genuine! Keep doing what you doing!! Coming from a married woman of almost 2yrs, been together 5. ❤️

Perfect Podcast
Y’all already know I’m all in! This podcast brings so much joy to my day! Their attraction is infectious. Just listen one time and you’ll be hooked💯

The real deal
I love everything about the perfect pair podcast. I love the transparency, the rawness and how real and truthful they are. Anyone (single or married) can learn something from this amazing couple. I look forward to each week.

Y’all are the BEST!!!!!
The Combest/Foy family loves its topics!! God Bless to your family!!!

Awesome word
Just the truth talking about life!

Hands down a GREAT ONE!!
Absolutely LOVE listening (and gaining insight) to this podcast!!!! I wish I could tune in everyday. I’m so glad you’re sharing your journey and experiences.

I love it!
I love listening to you two. I feel like I’m right there in the room talking/listening to you.

Love your podcast!! You spoke the truth about having respect for each other and don’t do things expecting something back. Inspire!!!!! I love 100/100!!!! Keep up the great conversation!!!!

Blended Family
Hey!!! First of all I love your show so far! And yes Rock please listen to Kristal on the toning down on your weirdness lol j/k! I loved that segment on blended family! Can you all talk more on this topic, I’m a mom of a blended family, I have a son and so does my husband and we have similar issues (with my stepson mother). I really learned something’s and it’s nice to have a podcast that touches this. Thank you!!! Great job both of you!! Please extend this to a part 2! Thanks in advance! -❤️Fan

Eek! ♥️
I didn’t get a chance to listen to last week’s so I listened to it today and just as I suspected, I was NOT disappointed. I had no doubt it would be everything!!! Can’t wait for the rest of them! ♥️💍

I love y’all
I listened to the podcast today, and I was mad it only lasted an hour... I loved the the real interactions, I loved everything!!!

Really looking forward to this podcast, I am too in a blended family and would love to hear the trials and tribulations. And gather some pearls from this podcast

I’m so excited!
I’m so excited about this podcast! I, too, am a person who believe you guys have the perfect relationship. I’m excited to hear about your struggles, fallouts, etc and you overcame those obstacles. I’m looking forward to hear your journey!

Thank you
Congrats To The Both Of you!!!! Thank you for enlightening us and letting us know that things aren’t perfect but you will get better day to day .... Everyday we learn....