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Papamute's humorous fun chats with interesting people about their passions and lives.

Recent Episodes

April 13, 2024

Jayson Johnson / Strike Five Films

Jayson Johnson Strike Five Films , founder, producer and director talks about his beginnings in the film industry. Working for Francis Ford Coppola, winning multiple film festival awards and his love of the Chicago Bears are…
April 1, 2024

Linda Coussement - Author of CONTRAST

Linda Coussement has been exploring meaning and purpose for many years by intertwining an 18+ year-long career in corporate business consulting with travel, teaching yoga, cofounding a sustainability start-up, photography, a…
March 13, 2024

'Beyond Bars' with Sean O'Brien

Sean O'Brien, co-producer of the Brave New Films documentary 'Beyond Bars' chats with Papamutes chronicling the story of Chesa Boudin and his journey from abandon child to District Attorney of San Francisco. Focusing on mas…
Feb. 3, 2024

Pat Benincasa - Artist

Pat Benincasa, is a first-generation Italian American visual artist. She has received national and international recognition for her work. Pat sits down with Papamutes and reveals her passion for art of all kind and how art …
Jan. 4, 2024

Claudio Reilsono

Amazing conversation with Claudio Reilsono, head baseball coach at Carnegie Mellon University. Claudio is also a professional baseball scout, TV, radio and podcast host. An Author - "Lead from the Heart Up, Not the Neck Up" …
Dec. 23, 2023

Italian Impact Weekly Radio Show

I had the honor of appearing as a guest on The Italian Impact Weekly Radio show. Hosts Steve Mancini and Claudio Reilsono were great to talk with about Italian heritage, Italian upbringing, traditions, sports, favorite guest…