Summer nights filled with skyglow and shifting shades
Nighttime on Still Waters

Nighttime on Still Waters

This is the Narrowboat 'Erica' narrowcasting into the night from somewhere on Britain's canals and waterways.
A podcast that gently explores life afloat (and on land), the elements, nature, and, most of all, the beauties of the night.
Perfect night-time listening.

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Recent Episodes

Uncertain Futures (Listeners' questions - 2)

Sept. 17, 2023

There’s a chill in the air tonight and there will be mist on the water in the morning. Join me tonight as I answer some hard questions about how viability is a long term in the Erica on the canals? Journal entry : 21st Septe…

'No Regrets' (Listeners' questions - 1)

Sept. 17, 2023

On a dark night that is damp with an autumnal chill, join us as tonight I answer some of the questions posed by the listeners of this podcast which range from the decisions and motivations behind our choice to live afloat to…

Home thoughts of a Pilgrim (Chasing the wind)

Sept. 10, 2023

It's a hot sultry night in the late eve of summer. Join us tonight as we spend time with the gentle words and wisdom of a friend of mine. Journal entry : 6th September, Wednesday “This evening The wool of traveller’s joy has…

Roots do not hold you down (Hedge wisdom)

Sept. 3, 2023

The hedges are ablaze with colour and they call to us of lessons that we have long forgotten. Journal entry : 2nd September, Saturday “At the edgings of the day. A delinquent V of geese Transect a sinking sun. As they reappe…

As long as the rain talks (I will listen)

Aug. 27, 2023

A warm dry week has ended with chasing shadows and showers. It looks like a dampish Bank Holiday! Therefore, this might be a good time to consider more deeply on the quality that rain has to touch us both physically and emot…

An August-coloured Evening

Aug. 20, 2023

Tonight, we celebrate and enjoy a special August evening at the moorings, filled with golden light, gentle chatter, a rolling wind, duck call and church bells. A rare ‘August-coloured’ evening. Journal entry : 15th August, T…

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Photograph standing towards the stern of the Erica and looking up to the bow. It is dusk and the lights are showing in the windows