Nights by firelight and owl song
Nighttime on Still Waters

Nighttime on Still Waters

This is the Narrowboat 'Erica' narrowcasting into the night from somewhere on Britain's canals and waterways.
A podcast that gently explores life afloat (and on land), the elements, nature, and, most of all, the beauties of the night.
Perfect night-time listening.

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Recent Episodes

April 14, 2024

Just shadows on a summer lawn

For us the river of the year has, so far, been roaring and fierce. It is difficult, at times, to see the bank or to even know whether we are floating or sinking. However, that is only one small part of the picture. What foll…
March 10, 2024

On Surveys and Winter Warmth (Listeners' questions - 6)

As the slow march of Spring travels along the canal and towpaths, tonight I answer two more questions: How do we keep the boat from freezing when we have to leave it unattended, and how long does it normally take to buy a na…
March 3, 2024

Walking Home (In fading light)

As a family, we gained a reputation for the way our 'short walks' often turned into marathon hikes which invariably meant staggering home long after dark (usually without a torch). In this week’s episode I reminisce on the …
Feb. 18, 2024

Rough Crossings

Welcome aboard the NB Erica on a wet winter’s night. It is a perfect night to snuggle down and listen to JM Synge’s turn of the 20th century accounts of his travels to the Aran Islands in a small currach on stormy seas. Jour…
Jan. 17, 2024

I Felt the Anchor Shift (An Update)

It has been a rather tempestuous year so far! Currently, I am many miles from the boat and have not been able to record any podcasts. I have rather rushed this episode out to update you on the reasons why I have been so quie…
Dec. 23, 2023

The Christmas Eves of Childhood

You are invited to join us for a very special episode as we celebrate Christmas Eve onboard the Erica and remember the Christmas Eves of our childhood. Journal entry : 21st December, Thursday, Winter Solstice “The year’s tu…

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Photograph standing towards the stern of the Erica and looking up to the bow. It is dusk and the lights are showing in the windows