May 25, 2023

The Musicians Guild welcomes Isaac Bollivar

The Musicians Guild welcomes Isaac Bollivar

Good to be back. This week we have Issac Bolivar joining us in the study. Isaac is a guitarist/musical director from California who has played shows with a diverse list of artists including Seal, Taking Back Sunday and Harry Hudson among others. The two of us have known each other a long time, and even in collecting photos for this episode Isaac sent me a photo of the two us together in Australia back in 2010 while both doing the Soundwave tour which really stoked me out. Isaac has reached a place in his life where his authenticity seems to be fueling his connection with his craft and we talk about that while also getting into talking about beloved studio musicians behind the scenes, our Bay Area origins, being hyper nostalgic, climbing to high vantage points to feel small, and lots more.

You the listener are appreciated and valued by The Musicians Guild and I hope you feel the respect for your ear and your time. Thank you for listening, more episodes to come!

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