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The Musicians Guild offers what other music podcasts don’t
An exceptionally well done podcast for both the laymen and professional. Interesting and insightful conversations with thoughtfully curated guests. Choi’s voice is so calming and hypnotic, it’s a perfect way to tune the rest of the world out.

Entertaining and Informative
After listening to five episodes, I’m hooked. Choi has an eclectic group of guests, with some being musicians I’m already a fan of and some being artists that I’m not familiar with at all. The episodes are generally a great balance between Steve and his guest sharing some stories about their careers and people they’ve worked with, as well as insight into the ways they go about creating music or other forms of art depending on the guest. It will make you hungry because Steve talks a lot about food and the good spots in different cities.

Guitar Shred Bob Ross?
Steve is an amazing person and his podcast is a must listen for musicians and foodies. His voice is very soothing and chill to me. It like listening to Bob Ross talk touring. I love it.

Huge Choi fan
From his days in Asian Man Record bands to RX. Great choice in guests so far.

I could honestly listen to Steve Choi talk for hours on end (about anything). He has a wonderful way with words & he has years upon years of experience in the music industry. This is my new favorite podcast & you are definitely missing out on something special if you pass this one by.

5 Stars
I could listen to Steve talk forever. Not to mention, he has so many years of experience on the road. I can only imagine how many great musicians and creatives he has met along the way. Can’t way to see the guests he has in the future!

Friggin RAD!
I love this so much! Steve has such a wonderful way to talk about music & life that totally captures your attention! Can’t wait to hear more!!!! 💜

1st episode
Really enjoyed the first show, great story telling. The tempo of the show is relaxing