Ex-Man Podcast Ep. 12 - Reflecting on the NWOAHM with J. Andrew Zalucky (Decibel, Metal Injection)

Doc speaks with heavy metal and politics writer, J. Andrew Zalucky, about his article Reflecting on the New Wave of American Heavy Metal, which was released a year ago on MetalInjection.net. They discuss NWOAHM's overall relevance and historical significance, how it relates to the current state of heavy music, metal elitism, and coming of age in the hardcore scene.

The episode features the God Forbid song "Gone Forever" from the 2004 album Gone Forever.

Article Links

Reflecting on the New Wave of American Heavy Metal by J. Andrew Zalucky - http://www.metalinjection.net/editorials/reflecting-on-the-new-wave-of-american-heavy-metal

This Is The End by Doc Coyle - http://www.doccoyle.net/this-is-the-end/

J. Andrew Zalucky's website - https://jazalucky.com/

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