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Very natural to listening to joe and his guests chat. Easy listening and definitely funny.

Best Podcast
I look forward to seeing who Joe interviews each week. Keep up the amazing work!

It’s a great time
Even if you don’t listen to the band member Joe is talking to, this podcast is still awesome. Joe and his guests always go well together and they are each funny and cool and it makes the whole podcast very enjoyable. I can’t wait for more episodes. Keep it up man!

I love hearing folks talk about music and just life stuff. As a musician I love how we can relate definitely subscribing 🤘

Natural awesomeness
The way the conversation is so natural yet still directed toward us in a way is great and I really love this podcast. Probably my new fav 🖤

It is interesting to hear natural conversations about “the road”, the history of the bands and just the day to day of the life of musicians. Keep it up!

great job 👍🏽
i found this from instagram, i love this podcast. very natural conversations, and joe is so funny 😂