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Best pod ever!

The Best
Swinney is the ultimate insider with access to people from all over entertainment. It’s great being a fly on the wall cuz he keeps the convo rolling and asks interesting questions. Excellent stuff esp if you like punk, alt, rock —- basically anything w guitars

Must listen!
Chris Swinney is pro. Great musician, pro podcaster, & top-notch guests within the music industry. Outstanding host - keep up the great work, Chris!

Love these stories!!
Truly awesome podcast. My favorite was hearing Travis from Coheed talk about Foo Fighters. Cool to think someone I am a fan of is a fan of someone else...

Solid podcast.
Great interviews.

Killer interviews, rad guests, great music.
I love this show, the intros are awesome, good music played to roll us in, some good info, and things different from the normal podcast intros. The guests are rad, good interviews, good stories, and good insight. Can’t really ask for much more. Stoked about this show, and the big archive of episodes to roll through.

Great podcast
If you like punk rock or even music in general, you will love That One Time On Tour. Chris interviews some of the biggest names in music. If you love hearing about what it's like behind the scenes when touring, this is the podcast for you. I'd give it ten starts if I could. Definitely check this out!

The podcast that rocks!!
Love hearing from members of my favorite Fat Wreck bands and many others! Good stuff!

A feast for punk rock music fans!
Yes , this podcast covers more than punk rock but covers mostly punk rock and is a pretty great podcast. The host, Chris Swinney is a good dude, knows his stuff, does his research and has incredible guests. You know what you’re going to get every episode, a great interview done professionally and it’s always a great conversation! Can’t wait to hear more in the future!

Awesome podcast
Punk rock alive and well in the Midwest!!! Keep up the great work.

Great interviews
Recently started listening and I love the interviews and questions ask to the guest. Some great content.

Great Podcast!
Stellar conversations every time!!

Podcast review.
Great show! If you grew up on the “epifat “ scene you’ll def love it.

One of my favs!
Seriously one of my favorite podcasts. Awesome guests and Chris is a great host!

Great Punk Podcast!
Great guests... I’ve listened to ever episode

Great stuff!
Been listening for years now... every episode is bangin!!

5 Stars
Great guests, awesome format, great host!

Newly discovered
Found this thanks to a mention in the Punk Rock Dads Facebook group. Loving what I’m hearing.

Dig it
Really dig the pod dude! Love the different guests you’ve had. One suggestion, Richard and Stefanie Reines. So many people grew up and got started in punk because of drive-thru. I’ve only really heard about what happened to the label through the various bands eyes. Would love to hear their story

Great podcast!
I just discovered Christopher Swinney’s podcast and am glad I did. He is a great interviewer with a very conversational style. It’s awesome to be able to hear people from the bands I love talk about their love of music and playing as well as life in general. I’ve listened to several podcasts so far and plan to listen to may more on my commute to work. Great work! Keep ‘em coming!

Great show.
Really great conversations with great people. Chuck a listen at it and you’ll be happy you did.

So great. Actual conversations with the artists from the artists point of view. Love it. Keep it up.

What an amazing podcast! Everyone that he has done is awesome, his guest are killer musicians and they have great stories.

Check it out!
I always enjoy listening to stories of the road and the lives led after you leave that life behind.

Well worth it
You can tell Chris has a love and appreciation for all things music. It’s nice getting an organic and authentic conversation behind some of the bands and songs out there. Well worth a listen!

Solid Podcast!
Great podcast for music lovers. Lots of great guests and road stories. Check it out!

Best music podcast around! A must listen!!!

Love this dude
Fantastic and fun music related interviews.

Good stuff
Great interviews and awesome backstage info!

I’ve been enjoying listening to the conversations with members of bands I have loved for years! So fun!