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Come back!!! We need you!! Please!

Cracker Barrel
Sweet podcast, chill guys with good knowledge of the markets. All with diverse trading strategies. Keep it up

Breath of Fresh Air
Thank you for the fresh approach to talking markets. Amid the snoozefest that is your everyday Bloomberg and WSJ finance pod, this is a casual, engaging way to hear theories on individual stocks and overall market movements. While this is not nearly as deep and data-driven as the more mainstream avenues, I am always looking forward to their next episode to hear their perspective. This feels like a conversation you would have with a friend over beers and much less a lecture given at a conference. (It’s a WELCOME change!) A+++ (ps, if they could release that intro as a full-sized song I would literally play it as my walk-on music each day getting into the office.) Well done, guys!

Awesome theme
So looking forward to this podcast! The trailer was great. Seems like funny banter between friends for the casual investor. Hoping Ace produces bits of music for the show too. Intro song is dope.

Dig it!
It’s pretty awesome to give musicians credit for being creative and entrepreneurial, and this podcast shines light on the topic. Great to hear Ace’s experiences. I am pretty sure Count the Stars and The Early November had Thanksgiving dinner at a Cracker Barrel in TX in maybe 2003? So I hope that stock climbs ha! Can’t wait for more episodes!