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Wish they would bring it back!
Love the podcast! Just miss new episodes and just the general talking from the boys! Great podcast definitely get into it

If you love the band then you will end up loving this!

Love this podcast, great work TDWP
I’ve been delivering for a local bagel shop throughout the times of Covid-19 and this podcast has been a really enjoyable listen as I make my way around in the mornings. Thanks guys, keep it up. Love the tour stories and the guests

Really dumb
It’s great

To the Key of Evergreen
I started listening to this podcast during quarantine as I’m a fan of the band. Much like their live shows, they give a ton of respect back to the audience and you can tell they really care about the people and things they’re talking about As someone who was raised in Chicago, but now currently lives in KC (and who also loves coffee) I’m finding myself learning a lot about some really cool spots the boys recommend. Suffice to say I’m hooked on this pod

It’s a Prada pod
All they do is talk about things that don’t matter.

Coronavirus lifesaver
I’ve written maybe one online review of anything ever and I’m typically not too into podcasts in general but this pod boys, has provided a beautiful warm wind in the chaos of this strange storm we’re in. I live in Chicago and have listened to TDWP since Plagues came out and have had the pleasure of several live experiences with you all. Such a relatable and enjoyable experience to hear the banter, random Chicago references, album reviews and tour stories. Two thumbs up! I’d love to see someone from ETID on here. Keep up the fantastic work. I’m a fan. Cheers!

The devil wears podcast
My first experience with these guys was in a small venue called “the attic” in Dayton, OH. I’ve been a huge fan of the boys ever since. I love the idea behind this podcast. I would love to hear some talks about where the band all started, how it came about. Keep up the great work boys.

Prada Pod for the win
I have been a fan of the band for about 12 years and have always wondered what it would be like to hang out with the guys or get to know their personalities more, and this has completely opened the door to that!

Most excellent
Just the pradoods having casual conversations. Light hearted and random. Love the idea of a record club, reviewing records together. Same with books. Keep it coming guys. Is chipotle sponsoring yet!?

Bring back purple shirt tdwp
Massive fan of the band here, so this may come off as biased but honestly I spend all of my times listening to podcasts while I'm at work. With that being said this brought immense happiness to me and I cannot wait to see how far this goes.

Love it
Love this band and these guys! Very entertaining

Ben has a podcast?
Love this band since the early days and I will support them till the end. This is a great listen, so laid back pure fun. Keep it up boys. 🤘🏽

With plenty more time on our hands & figuring out a bit more for them as well, I’m glad to hear they are still doing something entertaining! Even when they’re not touring I hope they keep going forward with this great idea! Love TDWP!

Needed this
Definitely entertaining and nice to hear the TDWP boys talk about other things going on. Had a few good laughs listening and look forward to more episodes.

Sell outs
Liked them more when they wore purple shirts instead of black shirts but whatever

TDWP 4 life!!!
YES!!!!! Excited for this !!

Great food

Prada Pod for Quarantine Entertainment
I am, in fact, enjoying TDWP discuss unemployment 🤘🏻

Great dudes!
Mike and the gang deliver in this great pod. Keep up the great work!

This good very good trust me I know good
These are my friends and they are good at talking trust me I know them, they put ha ha’s in my belly and they never lie about anything ever. Only truth to be found at this podcast, why wait start listening. Trust me this is good very good and I know good