June 12, 2024

"Shattered Dreams" by Johnny Hates Jazz

In the year 1988, Johnny Hates Jazz came just shy of having the number one song in America. Despite their rapid rise to fame, the band disbanded before the year had even ended. This week, we dive into the short-lived career …
June 5, 2024

"Supermodel (You Better Work)" by RuPaul (f/ Joe Ferejan)

Labeling RuPaul as a one-hit wonder seems preposterous in theory. RuPaul has not only hosted a successful talk show and appeared in multiple hit films but also helms the immensely successful RuPaul’s Drag Race. However, all …
May 29, 2024

"Regulate (f/Nate Dogg)" by Warren G

In this episode, we dive into the infectious groove of Warren G's 1994 smash hit "Regulate," featuring the smooth vocals of the "King of Hooks," Nate Dogg. While we're taking some liberties with what constitutes a one hit wo…
May 24, 2024

Apple Music 100 Best Albums Reaction Episode

In this episode of One Hit Thunder, we dive headfirst into the freshly released Apple Music 100 Best Albums list, offering our unfiltered, instant reactions to the selections. From timeless classics like The Beatles and Björ…
May 22, 2024

"Right Here Right Now" by Jesus Jones (f/Mike Doyle)

If you were putting together an informercial for a compilation of ‘90s hits, it’s almost certain that a clip of Jesus Jones “Right Here Right Now” would snag a good 8 second chunk of it. This incredibly optimistic alternativ…
May 15, 2024

“Lovin’ You” by Minnie Riperton

In this week's episode, we embark on a journey through the melodic landscape of Minnie Riperton's unforgettable 1975 hit "Lovin' You," where every note carries the essence of her unparalleled vocal mastery. While the song's …
May 8, 2024

"Faded" by soulDecision (f/Jenae Thompson)

During an era dominated by TRL and boy bands, soulDecision's "Faded" resonated with its infectious melody, showcasing the band’s unique fusion of musicianship and pop sensibilities (a formula that worked wonders only a few y…
May 1, 2024

"Closer to Free" by Bodeans

You may remember this week's song as the theme song to a 90s teen drama, but buckle up because you're about to learn about the long and prolific career of BoDeans before they broke into the mainstream with "Closer to Free". …
April 24, 2024

"Come On Eileen" by Dexys Midnight Runners (f/John Franklin)

Join us this week as we welcome back comedian and reality show star John Franklin to explore the irresistible "Come On Eileen" by Dexys Midnight Runners. While you may only remember them for their one US hit and for dressing…
April 19, 2024

Taylor Swift's "The Tortured Poets Department" Reaction

Taylor Swift released The Tortured Poets Department this morning as well as a bonus disc called The Anthology. Chris and Matt woke up at 5:30am to listen to it and give you their immediate reactions on it. The world has been…
April 17, 2024

"Butterfly Kisses" by Bob Carlisle

Get ready to step onto the dance floor of nostalgia as we unpack the sentimental anthem of fatherly love, "Butterfly Kisses" by Bob Carlisle. If you've ever attended a wedding, chances are you've swayed to the heartfelt melo…
April 10, 2024

“So Alive” by Love and Rocket (f/ Colin Clive)

Emerging from the haunting echoes of gothic rock pioneered by Bauhaus, Love and Rockets swiftly conquered the college radio scene during the mid-80s. By 1989, the band had made a significant leap into the mainstream with the…
April 5, 2024

Singles From 1994 March Madness Championship Round Results

We finally have the conclusion to our March Madness bracket for Singles Released in 1994. Who won the epic battle of Green Day's Basket Case vs. Counting Crow's Mr. Jones. But first we breakdown each song with some fun f…
April 3, 2024

“Give It To You” by Jordan Knight

Five years after New Kids On The Block disbanded, Jordan Knight made a comeback with a lively, carnival-themed song about wild sex. The track boasted a memorable video, a contemporary sound, and an irresistible chorus. Despi…
March 29, 2024

Singles From 1994 March Madness Fifth Round Matchups

We officially have our final matchup! Who are the last 2 songs to make it? Listen and find out and then vote with the link below!
March 27, 2024

"Drinking in LA" by Bran Van 3000 (f/Spose)

This week, we're welcoming back a One Hit Thunder favorite—indie rap sensation Spose. He has brought with him the deepest cut we've discussed in ages: Bran Van 3000's "Drinking in L.A.," a song that soared in Canada but made…
March 22, 2024

Singles From 1994 March Madness Fourth Round Match-Ups

We are into the Final Four! Who won last week and who do we have the highest odds on for this week!?
March 20, 2024

"Are You Jimmy Ray?" by Jimmy Ray

Are we One Hit Thunder? Who wants to know? Jimmy Ray seemed to possess all the makings of superstardom in the late 90s: a striking appearance, an unforgettable chorus that echoed his identity, and the backing of a renowned m…
March 15, 2024

Singles From 1994 March Madness Third Round Matchups

We have our elite 8 for our March Madness Match-ups ... who makes it to the final four? Vote to make that decision!
March 13, 2024

"Whoever You Are" by Geggy Tah (f/Taylor Morden)

This week we want to thank you all the great drivers out there. Maybe one of you helped inspire Geggy Tah to pen their hit "Whoever You Are". This laid-back track about letting you change lanes was a minor hit in the mid-90s…
March 8, 2024

Singles from 1994 March Madness Round 2

We are moving into the Sweet 16 with the March Madness Poll!
March 6, 2024

"We Are the World" by U.S.A. for Africa

On a remarkable night in 1985, an ensemble of music's brightest stars united to record a benefit anthem. This song soared to become one of the best-selling singles in music history and has since served as a touchstone for pa…
March 1, 2024

Singles From 1994 March Madness First Round Matchups

We decided to join the fun of March Madness by putting various singles from 30 years ago against each other! Please vote and make this the best March Madness
Feb. 28, 2024

"In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" by Iron Butterfly

Whether it was from an 80s horror movie, a Simpsons joke, or your dad’s record collection, you have undoubtedly heard the psychedelic sounds of Iron Butterfly’s 17-minute-long opus “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”. This week, we’re join…