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My favorite Podcast

I never miss an episode. My favorite episodes are the ones without guests! Love the chit chat among 2 friends. I feel like I am part of your friend group. Love Barb's bag of tricks. Lots of love to you both and thank you.

You 2 are the best!!

You girls rock!!! Love every show!

5 stars

Love this podcast. Was a guest on episode 51 and these two couldn’t have been nicer. Great sound quality, really great questions asked in the episodes and the range of guests is impressive. Added this one to my queue.

Love Love Love

I started listening when I was still traveling and haven’t stopped! A breath of fresh air, non-political fun!! Love these ladies, especially their attitude towards looking great! I will say that not having a podcast last week probably saved me a couple hundred dollars!! If they love it, I buy it! 😂😂😂

The HonestAFShow

This Podcast With Daniella And Barbaranne Is Awesome.. They Are Both So Entertaining With Their Stories... Their Journies In Life With ZaKK And Gilby.. The Guests They Bring On Are Absolutely Amazing.. I’ve Just Recently Became A Fan Of The Podcast During Quarantine.. And Just Listening To Them Both Has Definately Made The Time Pass By A Little Easier.. I Love This Show And Both Of These Amazing Women.. I Highly Recommend it to both men and women... And I Will Definitely be a forever fan🤘

Good Podcast 📱🎙

It’s nice to hear a podcast with people who are in the entertainment industry but not effected by it. Very real. Only wish they let the guest speak more the Sharon Osbourne episodes Sharon didn’t get much mic time and was often interrupted while trying to talk. Still worth the listen 👍🏼👌🏼


A podcast with 2 women who just get it!!! Not the fake Instagram “influencers” who get paid to say what they have to. These ladies are truly honest af and are everyday “glam ladies”. That’s a market that is missing. Thank god for them. They are the missing voices for us ladies in our late 30s, 40s and 50s. We all want the latest in tips, tricks and products , and these ladies do the leg work for us....From head to toe!!! Thank you ladies for making us feel good and hopefully look better :) god knows when you look better you will feel better. Confidence is powerful. -LA.

Learning A Whole Lot About Women

I was turned on to this show because I am fan of Ozzy and of course Zakk and wanted to hear some inside stories. I did not expect to like it so much. These women rock! They're smart, funny and are super honest about what women go through and like. I reccommended this podcast to my girlfriend and more than a few guys who love it. Thanks ladies.

Love it! 🤘❤️

Love the openness of this show!

So good!

I love this podcast! I feel like I’m sitting in the room with my girlfriends discussing all the things I love the most! My husband is a big Black Label Society fan so getting to know what Barbaranne is like has been really fun for me. Keep up the great work ladies! And I’ll keep listening!

Love your insight and stories!

I love your honesty! Thanks for sharing it with everyone. It’s nice to know that we are all fighting the same fight and supporting each other as women. And yes Daniella, I did hook you 2 up 😜❤️ Keep it up ladies!

Well Done, Ladies!

Well done, ladies! Your candor and forthrightness is so very refreshing!!

Love these gals

I have already bought a few things based on their recommendations and I can’t wait for their new podcast to come out!!!

I feel like a friend of the ladies! In the era of a million podcasts I love how raw & imperfect the convos are because when you’re interesting & authentic, it just works! 🧡

I'm Addicted!!

This is my new favorite podcast! Great beauty and self-care tips! Really funny! Daniella and Barbaranne make you feel like you're one of their friends and you're just hanging out at their house. They know their stuff! If I could give it ten stars, I would! (Can't wait for the next episode!)

Honest AF

These two beauties dish it on everything from beauty products & procedures, (not) aging gracefully & life with their rocker husbands of 20+ years. A must listen to podcast!!!

Love this show!

Daniella and Barbaranne have great chemistry and alllll the beauty info! I love that they are so real and want to share what they know about staying hot! It’s hard to find women that will share their secrets about what really works outside of surgery and super invasive procedures. Will definitely be tuning in every week!

Enrique Reyes

I got my riders listening to your show while ubering through O.C / L.A. area 🤘🏽🎩🤘🏽