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I miss this podcast :(
Ryan !!! It’s been over 3 months. I know you were on tour, but your fans miss hearing from you! Come back soon PLEASE!

Love hearing from a range of different bands in the scene as well as insight from people who are on the business end of music!

The best
Love this podcast for insight into the music world. Being in a local band, it’s actually helps.

Tuck is the man.. Extremely natural, well rounded conversations that gives you some more insight into the world of the artists that fuel our souls

So good
I can’t get enough. It’s both inspiring and depressing. Inspiring because I love hearing the people behind my favorite music. But depressing because it’s a constant reminder that I could have had that life if I only put in the effort needed. Regardless, the show is amazing and I’ll forever support it.

Top tier.
Definitely one of the best, well rounded podcasts on the market involving the music scene. The conversations are organic and flow naturally, and it’s wonderful insight into the minds and workings of the featured artists on the show. Tuck is a very engaging and sincere host, there’s never a dull moment on this podcast. Can't wait to see who will be featured next!

Love it!
This show is the perfect combination of tour stories, recording tips, songwriting ideas, marketing, and fan-submitted questions. Tuck also features tracks from some of his favorite bands which is a nice touch. Entertaining for musicians, producers, and listeners alike 🤘🏻👌🏻👍🏻