April 17, 2020

Episode 14 - Question Time #2 (second w. BA!)

Answering questions with BA!
March 21, 2020

Episode 13 - Question Time #1 (first w. BA!)

Answering questions with BA!
March 6, 2020

Episode 12 - Joe Godino (The Menzingers)

Joe Godino is the drummer of The Menzingers
Feb. 28, 2020

Episode 11 - Jack Cohenour (Senior Master Sergeant, USAF (ret.), Historian, Punk)

Lauren Denitzio is a retired Senior Master Sergeant in the US Air Force, a Historian, a mental health advocate and an active Punk)
Jan. 24, 2020

Episode 10 - Lauren Denitzio (Worriers)

Lauren Denitzio is the singer and guitarist of Worriers, as well as an accomplished visual artist.
Nov. 21, 2019

Episode 9 - Kate Peterman (Things I Used to Lie About, writer, actor, podcaster)

Kate Peterman is a writer, actor, and podcast host. She is the writer and star of the live show "People Pleaser" and host of "Things I Used to Lie About."
Nov. 1, 2019

Episode 8 - Brendan Kelly (The Lawrence Arms)

Brendan Kelly of The Lawrence Arms (@badsandwich)
Oct. 18, 2019

Episode 7 - Jose Prieto (MakeWar)

Jose Prieto of Make War
Aug. 23, 2019

Episode 6 - Matt Sanders (The Sidekicks)

Old friend and drummer extraordinaire of indie punk outfit The Sidekicks.
May 3, 2019

Episode 5 - Nick Harris (Slaughter Beach, Dog & All Dogs)

In this Episode Nick Harris and Tom talk Alcohol breaks, the heebee jeebees, getting your shit together, and the history of a great friendship.
Feb. 14, 2019

Episode 4 - Toby Jeg (Red Scare Industries)

Toby Jeg is the owner/debtor of Red Scare Industries (sometimes called Red Scare Records). He released the Hold On, Dodge E.P. and the Chamberlain Waits L.P. by The Menzingers (along with many great records by many great ban…
Jan. 18, 2019

Episode 3 - Mike Casey (Casey Magic)

DIY punk magician, personal mentor, and god damn scientist Mike Casey (Casey Magic) sat down to talk with me. Mike has been inspiring in blowing my mind for damn near a decade.
Dec. 21, 2018

Episode 2 - Roger Harvey

Tom talks to singer/songwriter Roger Harvey.
Nov. 12, 2018

Episode 1 - Augusta Koch (Gladie, Cayetana)

Tom Talks to Augusta Koch (Gladie, Cayetana)