Nov. 12, 2021

Episode 34 - Dan Ozzy (Journalist, Author of SELLOUT)

Episode 34 - Dan Ozzy (Journalist, Author of SELLOUT)

Dan Ozzy is a Journalist and Author. We discuss his newest book, SELLOUT: The Major Label Feeding Frenzy That Swept Punk, Emo, and Hardcore (1994-2007)

Dan Ozzy is a journalist and author of the new book SELLOUT which chronicles the journey of 11 bands over 11 chapters, from gGreen Day to Against Me! as they signed to major labels . It is a fascinating and insightful dive into some of the most influential records to us. I also found it to be a storied and well researched exploration of moral choices in art and how that fits into our economy and society here in our subcultural's corner of the world. Can't recommend it enough. You can find him on twitter and such at @Danozzy

This was recorded the first week of november 2021 in the basement of 89 North in Patchougue Long Island. The intro song is Not The Only One by The Chisel. The outro music is by Pat Brier of Queen Jesus. 

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