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10 stars
Love the pod, love the awesome guests conversations, love A7X

Awesome pod
The Trevor Moore interview was especially amazing!! Great conversation and intriguing.

Drinks with Johnny : Episode INK
I had No clue Johnny had a podcast until Spencer posted he was on it and I am Now I have another New favorite. I enjoyed the talk of music & horror between to people that love the two just the same. I look forward to checking out past episodes, as well as what’s ahead. Cheers! 🍻

Michelle and Val
I just listened to this episode and it was awesome! The bond you share is incredible. You all were blessed to have Jimmy in your lives and thanks for sharing some stories and history. Cheers

I was on the fence between 4 and 5 stars until the recent Brett Berish episode, when Johnny used the adjective “banana-forward” as a tasting note for rum. I’m sold. 5 stars!

Thank you Rev Theory!!!
I hadn’t heard of Rev Theory before listening to your podcast! I gave them a listen after I listened to your interview and I’m a fan!!! Thanks, Johnny Christ for the hook up!!!

New guests
Please can you try and get Jesse Leach or Adam D from Killswtich Engage on the show, Thank You.

So stoked
So stoked season 2 is finally here, can’t wait to hear it all!

Great podcast!
Great podcast! Who ever gets the guests is doing great!

More Than Just Metal and Drinking
Love this podcast! Great range of types of guests! Whether you drink or not, it doesn’t matter. You’ll enjoy this podcast either way.

Johnny Christ!!!!
Your podcast is excellent. Best one around and continues to get better. Keep on keepin’ on brother!!! You can’t spit them out fast enough.....

Nahh. Whens the next album!!!

Forget the next album, when’s the next episode!

Loved it!
Awesome podcast even though I only listened to one. I tried to look for the rest of the episodes and it didn’t let me, I would love to hear the previous episodes also

Amazing podcast
I love the stories and randomness that comes about on these shows, my only complaint is that I can't go back and listen to them again

Loving this!
Drinks with Johnny is a great podcast! It gives us a deeper look into different opinions on different topics (not just drinks) all while still having fun and laughing. It’s great to learn more about the featured guests and their endeavors as well! I can’t wait to see/hear what else is in store for Drink with Johnny!

Sick show!
If you’re into chucking gnar flip discs and wicked with the weasel then this show is for you!

How can I be a guest on Drinks with Johnny?
Show is super cool! I wanna try the drinks!

Love it!
Great to hear some good stories from the band!

Best podcast idea ever.
I was excited enough when you were putting this on YouTube. But to find out it is now a Podcast is amazing news. Congratulations!