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Fantastic history!
This podcast is one of my favorite history podcasts of all time. So well done, greatly researched, and engrossing. I grew up on unceded Seneca lands and have visited many of the forts mentioned in the early episodes so this telling really brought that history alive. Highly recommend!

Informative and Entertaining
I’ve listened to several podcasts based on historical events and none to date have been as informative and entertaining as “Worlds Turned Upside Down.” It provides an excellent rendering of the history of the American Revolution and keeps you wanting more! Keep making these podcasts!

History Come to Life
Worlds Turned Upside Down is a world-class podcast that brings the roots of the Revolution to life through storytelling, sound, and expert commentary. To take a complicated part of American history and condense it for the general public is no small feat, and this is done flawlessly.

Awesome series!
This is a phenomenal podcast that gets deep into the roots of the revolution. I'm hooked, and so is my dad!

One of the best podcasts for this topic!
Well researched and excellent production!

Thoughtful, nuanced, and colorful depiction of the Revolution
This story of the Revolution is not the one you got in high school - and that’s a good thing. It’s far more complex, colorful, and interesting than a list of facts and dates. The global revolution is the one we should all know!

Love this podcast. Narrator Jim Ambuske handles the complexities of the period with sensitivity, compassion and expertise. Wanna know what happened in ‘American’ history before the US was established? Listen to this podcast.

My teenage son and I love listening to this podcast. Well-researched and well-narrated, with voices from different cultural backgrounds to give you a sense of how diverse early America was. Highly recommend for history enthusiasts!

Hope there will be more. I was truly enjoying this podcast.

What they never taught in school, yet again.

Please make more episodes!
Are there only going to be four episodes? An excellent historical background that I don’t recall learning much about in school as a kid. Impressed by the idea that Britain was the second great multinational corporation behind the Catholic Church. And it gives interesting perspective into the origins of the second amendment of our constitution.

Deep Dive That Keeps You On the Edge of Your Seat
The level of historical detail and expertise in this podcast is not just impressive but eminently engaging. This podcast reveals the facts that are often untold and untaught except at the highest levels of academia. Yet, it is told in a compelling and exciting manner that keeps the listener engaged. If you love American History and want to brush up on the Rev War in advance of the 250th Anniversary in 2026, this is the podcast for you.

Heat the Full Story, in an Enjoyable Way
This new podcast is exactly the way to celebrate America’s 250th anniversary of the American Revolution. It’s well-paced, features excellent history writing, and the variety of experts offering detailed insights adds even more substance. Another nice feature is using actors to voice key figures reading period letters and accounts. A great way to learn about the Revolution for the first time or to deepen your existing knowledge. My favorite new podcast!

Great listen
Really engaging podcast! I appreciate getting the context of the battles and conflicts, especially the diplomatic challenges between the Indigenous and European peoples.

One of the very best history podcasts
The subject line is the gist of my review, but I will add that if you are even casually interested in the American Revolution, this one is a must. It is just a true pleasure to listen to. The fact that I am continually learning new things is a bonus!

Terrific podcast!
I love this podcast! It’s thoroughly researched and full of detail. I enjoy that it’s narrated in storybook form, where each episode is like the next chapter of the book. It’s obvious that everyone involved with Worlds Turned Upside Down is extremely knowledgeable and they make each episode engaging and exciting, especially host Jim Ambuske. The background music and sound effects also bolster the listening experience. Whether you’re a historian, professor, student, or simply fascinated by the Revolutionary War and the events surrounding it, you’ll enjoy this podcast. Another awesome podcast from R2 Studios!