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Great Take on History
This engaging collections let’s you find out about historical tidbits through the work experiences of U.S. consuls.

Great podcast
Consolation Prize weaves scholarly historical context into an engaging narrative. I especially enjoyed the episode in Joel Poinsettia. Highly recommended.

Amazing work!
Learned of this podcast in USC Price’s GW Leadership Talk held last week. It’s even more than I had hoped for!

So interesting and easy to follow!
Had a great time listening to this! Thank you for making what could be dry, confusing and convoluted, engaging, clear and fascinating. Can’t wait to hear more.

A Unique View on History
I enjoy many history podcasts but this hits all of my buttons. It is insightful, fun, and offers history in a unique way (I have learned alot so far) and is a great story. Please keep it coming.