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I think you guys should talk to a dinosaur expert that loves kiddy litter AD Strava Ganzer

Cancer for the soul!
This show is More fun than a possum chewing on a dirty needle. The newest episode changed my life. I’ll tell you how right after these messages!

Great show
Really fun show with great takes!


Bring back Fight Nanny
Hi Mommy thanks Jeans

Great Podcast!
Strong sports opinions and slurred speech are not the only thing that makes this podcast great! The hosts are unapologetically raw and hilarious, leaving you on the edge of your seat. You almost forget you’re listening to a sports podcast, but then they loop you back in with interesting dialogue, statistics, and in depth analysis of the worlds biggest sports stories. Highly recommend giving them a listen, and keep up the great work!

Picking on Sam
It’s funny when teeb and Johnny pick on Sam.

Just here for zumock, was hoping him and San were gonna make up on this so :(

Yes. Just yes
The best sports podcast ever

One of the best Sports Podcast Ever, if not the best.
I just met the man who runs the podcast at Barrels and Bones. Very nice guy and very funny as a straight man, his bald head and S’cute beard got me a little excited......... what?! Anyways, listened to a few episodes and it’s awesome! They know sports and all the great guy stuff. Glad I met him and I love the podcast more than I love most children. Give it a listen and don’t be a hole between two butt cheeks, go to Barrels and and Bones to watch them live....... he has such a great beard.... I wanna touch it. I love my girlfriend.... Great podcast!

No babysitter
Sam you don’t need a babysitter real men raise there own kids

All Hail
The last Ronin

My Wednesday treat!
Saw these guys live & I’m hooked! Great podcast, great team!!!

5 stars but
I love you guys but please quit letting sam ear rape us with his babies

Keep up the good work!
Thanks for the work on the cast!

Love it
Great podcast. I would stick my dick in it.

I think you guys should talk to a dinosaur expert that loves kiddy litter

This show is great!
This podcast is so much fun to listen to! The hosts are hilarious and the topics are always entertaining. Sports and comedy come together perfectly on this show😆👏🏻

Enjoy listening! Keep up the good work. Not the biggest fan of Tanto, but love the rest

Almost 5 stars
Love the podcast. I’ll give a 5th star once Sam is replacesd.

Love the podcast!!!

I’ll give 5 stars when I get to see Sam and Ari slap fight for 3 minutes until they’re both exhausted and beat red.

😆 Funny
A funny show for any sports fan wanting to kick back get some value and also laugh. Keep up the good work guys.

Sports And Humor!
If you are a sports fan and you are looking for a podcast that delivers on value while keeping it raw, real and hilarious...this show is for you.

From: Pretty Gang Radio
This is a very great podcast for sports heads with a bit of laughter too.

The best episodes are when cokehead Sam isn’t there. Gimmie Teeb Johnny and fight nanny all day

Funny and entertaining.
A lot of sports shows are straight sports and boring as hell. These guys know their stuff and present it in an entertaining and someties drunken way. So many sports topics and so many beers. They seem to enjoy their Miller Lite!

Ether without Sam
Sam kinda is annoying

Thibault is sneaky comedy gold
Goddamn thibs makes me laugh hard every episode with his “out there” one liners and tangents. Just enough sports coverage to still be a sports podcast.