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Mental Work is hosted by me, Dr Bronwyn Milkins - an Australian-based early-career psychologist, dog-lover, and sci-fi nerd. It debuted in December 2021 to my partner, mum, and mum's dogs. Now, Mental Work has had over 80,000 downloads and 40 unique guests unpack the real challenges faced by early-career psychologists.

Podcasts for therapists existed when I started Mental Work, but when I listened to them I felt even more isolated than before. Many of these podcasts were hosted by people much later in their careers who were removed from the modern-day challenges that therapists face when they start out.

I wanted a down to earth, genuinely earworthy podcast that could connect to my experiences working in mental health. The kind of podcast where I could get help, guidance, and connection while not being bored out of my brain. Where the issues and dilemmas we face in our work are unpacked in real and relatable ways. So, I started Mental Work.

Being a therapist is terrifying: All that responsibility for client’s lives, handing over the tissue box day-in day-out, and staying out of judgement all while managing your own messy life as a human… And that’s just the start. Here at Mental Work HQ, we know, we get it, and we’re here to make it easier.

Thanks for sticking around and make sure you give the latest episode a crack!

Bron 🤓

About the Host

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Bronwyn Milkins

Mental Work Founder / Psychologist

Mental Work was founded by Dr Bronwyn Milkins (she/her), an Aussie early-career Psychologist and multi award-winning public speaker on a mission to help psychologists have sustainable and (gasp) enjoyable careers from the get-go so that they can skip the burnout and thrive. She's a bubbly ADHDer who likes dogs, knitting socks, and sci-fi.