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April 9, 2024

The Future of Tech Media with Danny Crichton of Lux Capital

The Future of Tech Media with Danny Crichton of Lux Capital
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Media Empires

Danny Crichton, a Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, Head of Editorial at Lux Capital, and former Managing Editor at TechCrunch, joins Erik Torenberg to discuss the evolution of TechCrunch+, alternative business models, strategic investments in media, and tips for building a tech media company.

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* Danny Crichton: https://www.dannycrichton.com/

* Lux Capital: https://www.luxcapital.com/securities

* TechCrunch: https://techcrunch.com/

* TechCrunch+: https://techcrunch.com/techcrunchplus/

X/ TWITTER:@eriktorenberg (Erik)

@DannyCrichton (Danny)


(00:00) Intro

(00:28) Evolution of TechCrunch+

(01:27) Building a new product, ExtraCrunch

(04:50) Challenges of subscription media

(06:26) Identifying the core audience

(08:57) Exploring alternative business models in media

(15:26) Sponsor: Turpentine

(16:07) History of TechCrunch

(22:00) What worked and what didn't for TechCrunch

(29:20) Building a significant tech media company

(30:12) Strategies for success

(31:03) The need of focus formula

(35:32) Challenges of monetizing journalism

(37:50) Rethinking media products

(51:21) Potential of vertical media

(56:30) Wrap

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