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Media Empires

Media Empires

Erik Torenberg interviews influential media creators, podcasters, newsletter writers, and media executives to learn exactly how they built their empires. Media Empires is part of the Turpentine podcast network. To learn more: turpentine.co

Recent Episodes

E16: Crypo, Events Spaces, and Trust in Media | Jason Yannowitz, Blockworks

Sept. 20, 2023

Erik sits down with Jason Yannowitz, the co-founder of Blockworks, an events and crypto-media company, as well as the host of the podcast Empire.

E15: Monetization and Value on YouTube | John Coogan, Lucy

Sept. 13, 2023

Erik sits down with John Coogan, co-founder of Lucy and creator of @JohnCooganPlus, a YouTube channel with over 300,000 subscribers that documents highlight moments in Silicon Valley.

E14: Ben Gilbert of Acquired on Improving the Craft of Podcasting

Sept. 7, 2023

Erik sits down with Ben Gilbert, co-host and co-founder of Acquired, a podcast with 300,000+ subscribers that has been ranked the #1 Technology show on Apple Podcasts. Riverside.fm is a presenting sponsor of Media Empires. G…

E13: The Truth About Content Creation | Nuseir Yassin, Nas Daily

Aug. 30, 2023

Erik sits down with Nuseir Tassin, creator and CEO of Nas Company, a production studio focused on community building and empowering creators to become educators.

E12: Levels of Content, Investing in Creators, & MGK’s Nail Polish | Alex Lieberman, Morning Brew

Aug. 23, 2023

Erik sits down with Alex Lieberman, co-founder of Morning Brew @MorningBrew, and host of Founder's Journal and 60 Second Startup. Riverside.fm is a presenting sponsor of Media Empires. Go to https://creators.riverside.fm/Med…

E11: "Creating a $1M+ Business Through Communicating Complex Ideas" | Jack Butcher, Visualizing Value

Aug. 16, 2023

Erik sits down with Jack Butcher, the founder of Visualize Value. Erik and Jack discuss how Jack built a media platform with a network of mentors and an audience of over five hundred thousand people. Learn Jack transitioned …