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May 14, 2024

Media Niches and First-Party Data with Jacob Donnelly of A Media Operator

Media Niches and First-Party Data with Jacob Donnelly of A Media Operator

From Coindesk and Morning Brew to Media Industry Entrepreneur

Jacob Donnelly, the founder of A Media Operator, joins Erik Torenberg to discuss the strategies behind building successful, sustainable media businesses, with a focus on niche markets. They also explore the role of technology and the significance of audience-centric approaches in both the media and events industries, providing a comprehensive overview of current trends and future directions for media entrepreneurs.


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A Media Operator: https://www.amediaoperator.com/

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@eriktorenberg (Erik)

@JayCoDon (Jacob)


(00:00) Intro

(00:53) Inside the mind of a media operator

(02:33) Vision and strategy behind AMO

(10:00) Why Jacob is bullish on media?

(11:34) Sponsor: Beehiiv and Turpentine

(13:23) Core ideas and philosophies

(17:03) Intersection of media and data companies

(25:16) Exploring the SaaSification of media

(33:06) Future of AI in media

(40:24) Media acquisitions and the essence of audience

(49:16) Crypto media lessons and audience type

(52:25) Art of building a media empire

(01:06:30) Business of podcasting

(01:22:23) Future of vertical communities

(01:26:11) Importance of first party data

(01:28:30) Wrap

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