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Feb. 13, 2024

E11: The Art of Choosing The Right Creator To Back | Megan Lightcap, Slow Ventures

E11: The Art of Choosing The Right Creator To Back | Megan Lightcap, Slow Ventures
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Media Empires

Megan Lightcap from Slow Ventures joins Erik Torenberg to discuss both of their insights into evolving creator economy and the role of strategic investment in digital creators and entrepreneurs. Megan discusses strategies for investing in creators, leveraging her experience, how to evaluate potential in creator businesses, deal structures, challenges of this new asset class, and how the future of creator financing might unfold. 

We're hiring across the board at Turpentine and for Erik's personal team on other projects he's incubating. He's hiring a Chief of Staff, EA, Head of Special Projects, Investment Associate, and more. For a list of JDs, check out: eriktorenberg.com.—

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@eriktorenberg (Erik)

@mmlightcap (Megan)

@slow (Slow Ventures)


(00:00) Episode Preview

(02:25) Funding creators

(05:52) The art of choosing the right creator to back

(07:23) Examples of successful creator investments

(15:24) Potential in creators building marketplaces

(17:33) Creator investing vs investing in startups

(23:25) The concept of creator franchises

(25:31) Involving angel investors

(28:33) The challenges of investing in humans

(31:08) Entrepreneurs vs creator investment

(32:59) The creator economy

(35:30) The use of funds

(45:05) The future of social tokens and NFTs

(48:05) The future of in creators

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