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March 12, 2024

Dynamics of the Creator Economy | Nathan Barry, ConvertKit

Dynamics of the Creator Economy | Nathan Barry, ConvertKit
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Nathan Barry, Founder and CEO of ConvertKit, joins Erik to discuss the evolution of the creator economy, the ‘billion dollar creator’, the importance of prioritizing long-term equity and adopting a flywheel approach to audience growth, and more. This conversation took place in early 2023 but is relevant and insightful for 2024.This show is produced by Turpentine: a network of podcasts, newsletters, and more, covering technology, business, and culture — all from the perspective of industry insiders and experts. We’re launching new shows every week, and we’re looking for industry-leading sponsors — if you think that might be you and your company, email us at erik@turpentine.co.—


ConvertKit: https://convertkit.com/

Nathan & Sahil Bloom’s Agency: https://www.paperboystudios.co/

Nathan Barry: https://nathanbarry.com/

Nathan Barry’s Podcast: Billion Dollar Creator


@eriktorenberg (Erik)

@nathanbarry (Nathan)—


(00:00) Intro

(00:55) The Evolution of the Creator Economy

(03:36) ConvertKit in the Creator Economy

(05:26) Power of Attention

(08:33) Future of the Creator Economy

(16:49) Sponsor Turpentine

(17:30) Rise of ‘Business Creators’

(21:30) Newsletter’s Significance in Audience Growth

(28:52) Role of Agencies

(38:04) Wrap

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