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Feb. 27, 2024

Betting on the Business of Sports Media | Joe Pompliano, Huddle Up

Betting on the Business of Sports Media | Joe Pompliano, Huddle Up
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Media Empires

In this episode, Erik sits down with Joe Pompliano, an investor, entrepreneur, and one of the fastest-growing personalities in sports, to talk all about sports media and business. From opportunities for entrepreneurs in the sports industry, to athlete entrepreneurship, to the importance of mastering a niche content creation within the realm of sports, this episode is a masterclass in the intersections between sports, digital media, business, and investment. This conversation was recorded in early 2023.

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(00:00) Episode preview

(04:03) The Evolution of Sports Media

(06:11) The Power of Athletes in Business

(11:59) The Global Reach of the NBA

(15:21) Investing in the Sports Industry

(20:05) The Potential of Athletes as Entrepreneurs

(24:57) The Challenges of Minority Ownership in Sports Teams

(26:17) Opportunities to Make Money in Sports

(27:54) Content Creation in Sports

(29:35) The Role of Agents in Sports

(31:52) The Future of Sports Media

(33:14) Investing in Athletes

(38:47) The Power of Sports Broadcasting

(44:01) The Future of the NBA

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