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March 19, 2024

A Deep Dive on Axios | Jordan Zaslav, Axios HQ

A Deep Dive on Axios | Jordan Zaslav, Axios HQ
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Media Empires

Jordan Zaslav, COO at Axios HQ, joins Erik to talk about the inspiration and launch of Axios. He shares his key lessons learned along the way and the importance of the smart brevity approach. They also chat about AI's impact on media and the need for companies to adapt.

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Axios: https://www.axios.com/Axios HQ: https://www.axioshq.com/


@eriktorenberg (Erik)

@jz (Jordan)


(00:00) Intro

(01:48) Smart Brevity Approach

(04:12) Key to Axios' Success

(06:38) Exploring Axios' Business Model and Diverse Offerings

(11:45) Sponsor: Turpentine

(16:23) The Axios HQ Product

(18:17) What Has Made the Most Money at Axios.

(21:11) Challenges of Media Business Growth

(25:13) Audience Selection on Digital Media

(30:07) Value of Different Audiences

(32:28) Post-Internet Challenges and Cable's Future

(37:57) Embracing AI in Media: Opportunities and Challenges

(41:56) Wrap

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