April 11, 2023

T.I. Shares What You Need to Know About Achieving Success

T.I. Shares What You Need to Know About Achieving Success

You may know rapper T.I. from his music, but you’re about to be amazed at the insights he has to offer on finding purpose in your struggles, trusting your mentors, and one simple tactic that will increase your chances of success.

3:45 – Life lessons and thoughts on vision from “Live Your Life” 

Lots of people ask T.I. how to get started – he says the very first step is adjusting your vision. 

He also shares his thoughts on the release of the song “Live Your Life”, the personal meaning to it, and how time to himself led to breakthroughs.


7:38 – Feeling stuck, and T.I.’s first non-rap venture

If you are the greatest thing in your universe, your failures are going to have deep impact. If you believe in something greater than yourself, there’s a reason to keep going and find peace in having left your best on the field. 

T.I.’s first non-rap venture was in real estate. When he got his first check, T.I.’s uncle (who had recently been released from prison) asked for $40,000 – then invested it in a house. Thus began T.I.’s first foray into real estate. 


12:47 – The origins of the Trap Music Museum  

The Trap Music Museum is the first museum dedicated to hip hop – but when T.I. bought the property, it was initially just because he heard that property value was about to skyrocket with the incoming superbowl and new stadium. 

The idea for a trap music museum was thrown out in a meeting, then the more T.I. thought about it with the property in mind, he caught the vision. It was initially still only going to be a temporary installation, but when they had lines around the block, they decided to keep the place open. 


17:09 – Controlling the narrative

Part of the impetus for opening the museum was telling the story of trap music before someone else told it for the community. 

While some look at trap music as glorifying violent lifestyle, T.I. sees it as documenting life for refugees from the war on drugs. It was turning the difficulties of 1980s Atlanta into pieces of art. 


21:16 – How T.I. chose his next venture

Ever since starting in real estate, T.I. says a crucial question for him has been: What does our culture already spend money on? 

People spend money on clothes? He has a clothing line. 

People buy food and drinks? He sells that too. 

He has seen people already have great success in liquor and spirits, and so he chose tobacco and cannabis instead. Sure there are brands involved, but there isn’t really a person who’s taking up a ton of space in that market –  so he’s decided to jump in and fill it. 


23:48 – One lesson about entrepreneurship that T.I. wishes he’d learned sooner

Don’t let other people’s opinion about your vision impact your decision about whether or not to execute your vision. 

Other people have their own fears and failures, and they project their own lack of passion for your idea. So don’t let someone talk you out of an idea that you know in your gut is a good idea.