April 4, 2023

Stop Lying to Yourself! Tanner Chidester Shares Harsh Truths That Will Improve Your Business

Stop Lying to Yourself! Tanner Chidester Shares Harsh Truths That Will Improve Your Business

If you’re struggling with your business, sometimes the answer isn't the latest tool or someone to hold your hand and tell you it will all be better. Sometimes you just need a wake up call. Today’s guest, Tanner Chidester, founder of Elite CEOA, is here to give you the harsh truths that you need to grow your business.


4:22 – Introductions


10:10 – The idea of being an entrepreneur vs. the realities

People often fall into the trap of wanting a business and all its benefits, but aren’t willing to build out their skillset, do sales, or put in the hours of work (even before you see results). 

Tanner says he knocked on doors for the better part of a year before actually making money in his business. It was miserable – but the choice was to quit, or try to push through. 

Compared to going door-to-door in the heat of the day, sending a sales DM is an easy sacrifice. 


14:05 – So you’ve made your first million. What do you do? 

Tanner says that when he made it to his first million dollars, he was excited for about 24 hours. But then he realized that he was still a small fish in a big pond, and started asking deeper questions about what he and his work would be remembered for. 

The idea that your biggest goals might not matter in the long run is daunting, but it is also freeing in the long run.


18:20 – Is kindness overrated? 

Tanner says he doesn’t understand the emphasis of niceness over honesty. You have to be willing to tell people what they need to know, otherwise they can’t grow. 

He applies this strategy to his social media; he’d rather be known for making a blunt point than sugar-coating advice. 


24:05 – Depression isn’t real?

Tanner had a period in his life where success and feeling depressed/listless went hand in hand. Despite making plenty of money, having a nice car, and dating beautiful women, he couldn’t shake the feeling; so he went to see a doctor. After six months of medication and therapy, he felt like he wasn’t getting the answers that he was looking for. 

At his lowest point, he was contemplating suicide and had bought a gun. Tanner says that a turning point for him was a friend pointing out that what you believe turns into your actions. 

So he admits that depression may very well be real – but he wanted to focus on changing his beliefs, thoughts, and underlying conditions (like relationship status and fitness) so that would work its way out into an improved life. 


31:40 – On laziness and entitlement 

With recent travel, Tanner says it has helped him understand the amount of opportunity and resources we have in the U.S – and the workforce and work ethic is in sharp contrast with those in countries with less opportunity. 

Instead of wanting more for less work, he witnessed people working hard and complaining less even at lower rates, and that impacted him. 


35:14 – Harnessing dark energy to get sh*t done


39:04 – Why it’s so hard to go from $100,000 to $1 million in revenue

Leadership and team building is a skill that many entrepreneurs lack. Tanner says that you’re walking a tightrope – if you’re too nice, you won't get respect. If you’re too mean, no one wants to work for you.  


40:43 – One thing Tanner wishes he’d learned earlier as an entrepreneur

Learn to fail sooner. Don’t think you can do things on your own. 

You need to invest money in your own skills and education; don’t wait for a certain level of success or revenue to invest in getting help.  

When you don’t take action, you are losing something – you just don’t know what you’re missing out on. 


Learn more about our guest 

You can learn more about Tanner by visiting his website, and check out his coaching service, Elite CEOs.