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Recent Episodes

12. Emma Otheguy Introduces Her Young Readers to Social Issues

Aug. 15, 2022

Emma Otheguy invites her young readers to become advocates for important social issues such as immigration, racism, and classism in her middle grade novel "Sofia Acosta Makes a Scene." Young Sofia finds her voice and discove…


11. Ariadna Sánchez Spanish Poetry Collection

Aug. 1, 2022

Author Ariadna Sánchez Hernández has been inspired by her immigrant experience, the absence of social justice in her homeland, and the universal feeling of love. With intriguing photographs, Ariadna offers a window into the …

Fantasy Adult Fiction

10 Daniel Olivas Creates a Surreal World

July 18, 2022

Author Daniel Olivas takes us on a wild ride in his new collection of magical, surreal and dystopian short stories How to Date a Flying Mexican. You can purchase a copy of Daniel's books in our new online store Nuestra Tiend…

Children's Literature

09. Monica Brown's Bicultural Characters Find a Home in Children's Hearts

July 5, 2022

Author Monica Brown delights children with her bicultural and bilingual books. Her collection of picture books with the bicultural character Marisol McDonald just celebrated its 10th anniversary. Monica chats about what make…

Informational Educational

08. The Highlights Foundation supports Latinix creators.

June 20, 2022

With mentorship and guidance from outstanding faculty at the Highlights Foundation, aspiring authors and illustrators hone their craft and learn about book publishing. Visit https://www.highlightsfoundation.org/ to learn mor…

Adult Fiction

07. Estella Gonzalez brings to life her experience living in East LA.

June 6, 2022

In "Chola Salvation”, author Estella Gonzalez draws upon her experiences living in East LA to vividly bring her characters to life. Add in a dose of magic realism and soon the reader is cheering for the underdogs in this eng…