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Latino Book Chat

Recent Episodes

21. Alberto Roblest Explores America's Social Commentary

Feb. 1, 2023

Alberto Roblest's new book "Against the Wall" is a collection of short stories are meant to engage the reader in Americas's social and political commentary. It's a way to be part of the discourse on the many topics prevalent…

Children's Literature Middle Grade Novel

20. Pam Muñoz Ryan's New Latina Princess

Nov. 21, 2022

Pam Muñoz Ryan's new novel Solimar: The Sword of the Monarchs is full of adventure, villanos, curanderas, and magic. Find out why Solimar wants to be a king, and not a queen. Pam Muñoz Ryan chats with us about how she crafte…

Young Adult

19. Richie Narvaez Teen Murder Mystery

Nov. 7, 2022

Move over Nancy Drew. Here comes Holly Hernadez! Richie Narvaez has created a Latina teen detective in his YA novel "Holly Hernandez and the Death of Disco." Richie chats about his inspiration for the story, and how he creat…

Children's Literature

18. Susie Jaramillo Helps Children Navigate their Night Terrors

Oct. 24, 2022

Sit down with us as we talk with author Susie Jaramillo about her beautifully crafted book Skeletina & the In-Between World. She discusses how she was inspired to create Young Skeletina to help children confront their anxiet…

Adult Fiction Romance Historical Fiction

17. Reyna Grande's Love Story in a Time of War

Oct. 17, 2022

Acclaimed author Reyna Grande discusses her newest historical fiction novel "A Ballad of Love and Glory". Her story portrays the love saga of Ximena Salomé, a Mexican healer and nurse, and John Riley, an Irish soldier who de…

Children's Literature

16. Estela Juarez A Young Child's Fight Against Family Separation

Oct. 10, 2022

"Until Someone Listens" by Estela Juarez is the story of her mother's deportation to Mexico. At 8 years old, Estela found her voice and began to tell her story to anyone who would listen. She was features in the 2020 Democra…