Anne and Stephanie are friends, former coworkers, theatre artists and educators. They were also both raised Catholic. Join them as they compare notes on their respective Catholic upbringings.

Recent Episodes

Go Now in Peace

July 1, 2023

School’s out for the summer (and so are we)! The hosts say “go in peace” and “see you in the fall” and things like that, but not before hearing a listener story about making a pit stop at Mass on the way to the ER (because #…

Gen Z Catholic Schoolgirls and Women Deacons: Dispatches from (Current) Catholicism

June 13, 2023

The hosts try something new this episode as they each share a ***top secret*** (or maybe not-so-secret) interview with the other. Stephanie gets all the deets from real live Gen Z Catholic school girl Maeve. Anne interviews…

What the heck is Kairos?

May 30, 2023

The first rule of Kairos is that you don’t talk about Kairos….and today the hosts are rule breakers! Listen in as Anne recounts her experience with this widespread Catholic senior retreat program. References include Cindy L…

Reading While Lapsed: A Conversation with BookTok Icon Lupita Aquino

May 16, 2023

Show up for some awesome queer Latine BookTok gossip, stick around for the excellent #catholicgrandma content. Curl up with your beverage of choice and listen in as literary enthusiast and TikTok-er Lupita Aquino spills the …

Moon Bishops And Other Actual Headlines

May 2, 2023

Listen in as Steph and Anne catch up Catholicism in the News. Topics include limbo, the devil holding Jesus ransom, a song that cuts down on Purgatory time, the AI-generated papal puffer coat that launched a thousand tweets,…

Queer. Catholic. Artist: A Conversation with Dani of "And Her Saints"

April 18, 2023

Anne and Steph chat with Dani, (she/they) a writer, illustrator, Costa Rican, femme lesbian, and devout catholic and spends most of her time reminding everybody of those last two facts. Dani runs the blog and subsequent stor…