Anne and Stephanie are friends, former coworkers, theatre artists and educators. They were also both raised Catholic. Join them as they compare notes on their respective Catholic upbringings.

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Feb. 20, 2024

Saint Deep Dive: Saint Blaise!

Anne surprises Steph with a deep dive into Saint Blaise whom, as it turns out, Steph has literally never heard of. Listen in as the hosts talk throat blessing, wool combing, pig stealing and more. (#SaintBlaisePrayForUs) CO…
Feb. 6, 2024

Jesuits Are My Invisible Boyfriend: An Interview with Comedian Eliana La Casa

Eliana La Casa is a real life apostate! She’s also a bilingual Argentinean stand up comedian who has been featured on Comedy Central Latinoamerica, as well as BBC Radio 4. She was voted Best Stand Up Comedian of 2021 by the …
Jan. 23, 2024


Today’s episode is throw back to the BEST OF LAPSED. Relisten to our Season 1 episode where the hosts welcome their first Catholic priest onto the show…and she’s a woman! Fr. Anne Tropeano is a Roman Catholic Womanpriest who…
Jan. 10, 2024

The Pope talks gay marraige (kind of)

Anne and Steph hash out their thoughts on the headline-making news of Pope Francis allowing Catholics priests to bless same sex couples. Radical change for the better, or too little too late? The hosts have Feelings. Liste…
Dec. 23, 2023

What's in Your Advent Calendar?

It’s irritatingly cold and dark outside, so Anne and Steph are fully embracing all things Advent. Steph walks us all through the surprisingly sordid history of Advent calendars. The hosts quiz themselves on their Catholic A…
Dec. 5, 2023

[TEASER EPISODE]: Racy Vatican Acrobats and other Catholicism in the News

::::::This is a shorter version of a longer exclusive video episode that can be viewed in full on our PATREON .:::::: This episode has EVERYTHING: scorned conservative Cardinals, inclusive Papal dinners, slightly racy circus…