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Great Hosts
Kris and Kristine are fun to listen to and get to know. They are a perfect podcasting pair!

Firewalking 🔥👣 with Kris & Kristine
Kris & Kristine are awesome. They are all in when it comes to their podcast. Great questions, great people, great show. If you get a chance to be a guest on their show, do not hesitate. From a guest perspective, this is the type of podcast show you dream about. Dave Albin CEO Firewalk Adventures

A great experience
The Kris and Kristine Show is a pleasure. Both hosts are welcoming and informed, smart and savvy. Their approach is visceral and friendly, inviting in listeners. I highly recommend it. Susannah Marren/ Author Maribelle's Shadow

Very entertaining
This one is very enjoyable and professional sounding. The chemistry is great and the stories they share are memorable. Great commuter show! Love it!

Awesome Show
Kris and Kristine are such great hosts. They create such a warm and supportive show. It is so interesting to listen to people with such a great relationship.

Easy listening discussiong among friends
The show isn't a rapid-fire Q&A with clearly scripted questions--instead, it's more of a discussion among friends where the show hosts have done their homework.

To the show
The Kris and Kristine Show is easy to listen to in the best way possible. It’s topical as well as a view into the relationship between the hosts. They blend fun banter with slice of life. Perfect any time type of listening! Give them a subscribe now!

Cheryl Ilov
What an awesome show with two amazing hosts, who keep the energy flowing with their great humor and engaging, interactive style. I love it!

Love the warm banter!
Lighthearted, but still strong in conviction! I love the relationship between these two and the fun banter and opinions they have to offer!

What a show!
This podcast has an incredibly high production value, rivaling top notch syndicated radio shows. If you like conversation about various topics between two hosts with great chemistry, give this show a try!

Love this fun podcast!
Easily becoming one of my favorite podcasts! Love the fun vibe to it, and looking forward to what is to come for the future with Kris and Kristine!!

The Kris and Kristine show is a wonderfully positive podcast. Both hosts have an energy on par with any television host and offer lots of great advice on relationships, gratitude and how to navigate our modern ever changing world. That they do this and make it sound effortless is really something. Definitely subscribe and get to know this great show

Great show!
Great chemistry between the hosts. They are a busy family that figures out a way and enjoys sharing their insight. They aren’t perfect, but authentic and real! Love her challenging him too!

So Fun!
Entertaining and energetic hosts! Always a fun listen. - Gabe, from Two twenty-somethings Podcast

Really Great Show!
These two are really great at doing the show together. They play off each other well, while providing great conversation on a myriad of topics.

Glad I discovered K&K
You know those FB groups that never appear fruitful? You know the ones with, "Drop your link and I'll...blah, blah,blah" Well I;ve discoved Kris & Kristine and really enjoy it. I also have a podcast with my wife and I love their dynamic and topics. Give this show a listen for sure

These hosts care about their guests and it shows. Great questions, rich dialogue, interesting conversations. Great job, Kris & Kristine!

Great show, great folks!
From my very fist listen I thought I love these people. You're so well balanced and your light comes through so bright. Keep it up! Tee, from Bold Journeyzz podcast

I love them! Chemistry is everything! And I can totally relate because I am married with kids as well!!! I will be coming back to listen to more!! Keep it up guys! 😊😊

Love this show!
The hosts have AMAZING chemistry! Very happy to subscribe!

Great podcast!
I look forward to the fun and lively banter between Kris and Kristine each week!

Really cute couple
Excellent show! Look forward to hearing this podcast each week.

Super cute
This is a really cute family show. You get drawn right into this family and they all just have a really fun way of interacting. Worth a listen for sure!

Fun and family friendly
Super fun to listen to and keeps me entertained every week.