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April 11, 2024

Back to the Booths | Creative Chaos

Back to the Booths! An episode with the whole gang chatting and sharing about where they are at with their current booth situation, what updates/upgrades they've made and why. And of course, little bits of chaos sprinkled in…
March 28, 2024

Make Your Own Voice Over Adventure | Brent Mukai

We are so happy to have Brent Mukai join us for this episode! Brent is a Japanese American Voice Actor who grew up in Hawaii with a decade of experience in film and theater acting, improv comedy, and stand up comedy! He is L…
March 14, 2024

To P2P Platforms & Beyond | Creative Chaos

S5, EP 161 The whole gang finally dive into and share about their individual P2P choices since launching and building their voice over & on-camera careers. They discuss P2P platforms they're still going strong on since lau…
Feb. 29, 2024

Reflect, Connect and Find That Spark | Dan Friedman

We start our conversation with some fun Chaos! Jozlyn is definitely directionally challenged, Angela has door issues, Dan is early & shares his recent chaos with us while dropping off his son at Grad School in NYC. Jozlyn s…
Feb. 22, 2024

Booth Goals | Creative Chaos

A from the vault episode, from before podcast merger, where we chat about our choices & booth goals in the beginning of launching our VO journeys.
Feb. 8, 2024

I Raise You One Pay 2 Play… | Creative Chaos

From the vault episode, prior to to podcast merger, Angela & Jozlyn chat about P2P’s when they first started & launched VO careers awhile back.
Feb. 1, 2024

Vroom, the Automotive Queen is in the Room | Jenna Birmingham

Bow Down to the Queen! The Automotive Queen, Jenna Birmingham. During this episode, we discuss her beginnings and how she ended up in Voice Over. This one is filled with golden nuggets!
Jan. 25, 2024

Tech Talk | Creative Chaos

This is a relaunch episode, where we get nitty gritty with our tech & equipment choices when we first started our voice over and on-camera careers. Now we have definitely expanded, added and grown with our booth and on-came…
Jan. 18, 2024

There are Two Rules in Life, One - Have Fun and Two... | John McClain

This week the whole gang's here! Our guest John McClain joins us to chat production, voiceover, and his start into the creative realm. John McClain is the founder, owner and lead sound designer/mixer at Monster Sound & Pictu…

About the Hosts

Lloyd WallerProfile Photo

Lloyd Waller


Nikki (Stitches)Profile Photo

Nikki (Stitches)

Special Guest Co-Host (OG Chaos)

Former "bar stool thrower" who has a grown-up job, now podcaster...who is girl mom, dog mom, amateur photographer, loves True Crime TV, rollercoasters & Margaritas!

Gabriela BorjaProfile Photo

Gabriela Borja

Co-Host & Art/Social Media Director

Podcast Co-host, Art/social media director, voice actor, random nomad, wife, mom, creative with a love and passion for animation and singing.

Frankie Says LinesProfile Photo

Frankie Says Lines

Assistant Producer

An actor currently residing in Los Angeles who is inspired by music, fashion, and film. He has been obsessed with pop culture and entertainment since childhood. On any given day, you can find him watching YouTube travel videos making a list of all the places he wants to visit

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Jozlyn Rocki


Podcast Host, Voice & On-Camera Actor, former On-Air radio personality, wife, boy mom, dog mom, who loves to workout, drink coffee (& vodka), palm trees and thinks everyday should end with an amazing sunset.

Angela CortezProfile Photo

Angela Cortez

Co-Host / Production Assistant

Former Award Winning Radio host turned Podcast Co-host and working VO Artist.
This single mom loves spending time with her growing teen and family.
Angela is a self-proclaimed foodie and loves to travel and explore wherever she goes. She also enjoys attending concerts and music festivals in her free time