Season 9: When Change Happens – How Top Performers Take Messy Action with Confidence & Grit!!

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Discover the habits and routines of gritty athlete entrepreneurs while we provide the tools and insights to conquer your goals and experience that awe-inspiring "Can't Believe I Made It!" moment in your own life.


June 18, 2024

165: BONUS EPISODE- Intentional Fatherhood: Crosscast with the Ben Barker Fitness Podcast

Summary In this special cross-podcast episode of “Can’t Believe I Made It Podcast,” I join my buddy Ben Barker on the Ben Barker Fitness Podcast for an insightful conversation about fatherhood, personal growth, and the power…
June 11, 2024

EP 164: Legal Performance Enhancers: Leveraging Mindful Caffeine Use

Summary In this episode, we dive into the world of caffeine as a legal performance enhancer. We’ll talk about why having a solid foundation in nutrition and wellness is essential before considering caffeine use. We’ll break …
June 4, 2024

EP 163: Legal Performance Enhancers: The Power of Creatine

In this episode, we got our pump on and dive into the world of creatine, exploring its benefits, how it works, and why it’s a staple supplement for both athletes and everyday individuals looking to enhance their physical and…
May 20, 2024

EP 162: Goal Setting: Helping or Hurting? The Rise of Anti-Goals.

Summary: In this enlightening episode of “Can’t Believe I Made It,” we dive into the transformative concept of anti-goals. Discover how thinking inversely about your objectives by defining what you desperately want to avoid …
May 4, 2024

EP 161: It’s Okay, To Not Be Okay: Tackling Nutrition, Sleep, and Beyond

Summary In this episode, we focus on the importance of mental health awareness and the value of vulnerability. We'll explore the myths and misconceptions surrounding mental health that can hinder personal growth. The convers…
April 20, 2024

EP 160: Is Walking Truly Exercise? Or Is It Just A Daily Chore?

Summary Welcome to 'Can't Believe I Made It,' where we explore the science of everyday activities and their impact on our health. Today, we're tackling a commonly held belief that might change how you view one of the most ac…