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HR Heretics

HR Heretics

Hosts Nolan Church and Kelli Dragovich have been through it all, the highs and the lows – IPOs, layoffs, executive turnover, board meetings, culture changes, and more. With a lineup of industry vets and experts, Nolan and Kelli break down the nitty-gritty details, trade offs, and dynamics of constructing high performing companies. Through unfiltered conversations that can only happen between seasoned practitioners – Kelli and Nolan dive deep into the kind of leadership-level strategy that often happens behind closed doors.

This show is for those who are ready to ditch conventional wisdom and figure out from first principles what works for their culture, business model, and industry, with the goal of building a resilient and enduring company.

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HR Heretics

Recent Episodes

July 11, 2024

Talking Executive Search 2.0 with Nick Cromydas of Hunt Club: Equity, Severance, and Overvaluation

In this episode of HR Heretics, Nick and Kelli sit down with Nick Cromydas, CEO of Hunt Club , and discuss the executive search evolution, leveraging technology, and AI. His company Hunt Club uses a network of thousands of l…
July 9, 2024

Is MEI the Anti DEI? with Colleen McCreary and David Hanrahan

In this episode of HR Heretics, Nolan is joined by regular guests/friends of the pod Colleen McCreary (Ribbit Capital) and David Hanrahan (CPO, Flare) to unpack Alexandr Wang’s MEI stance at Scale AI, the growing backlash ag…
July 3, 2024

How (and why!) to take time off

In this 4th of July special episode of HR Heretics, hosts Kelli and Nolan discuss the hurdles of taking vacations, particularly in the context of modern HR practices. They explore the challenges and strategies of making use …
July 2, 2024

From CPO to CEO: Michelle Wagner Tells All

In this episode of HR Heretics, Kelli and Nolan sit with Michelle Wagner as she shares her journey from Chief People Officer at AOL and Evernote to becoming the CEO of MindStrong, a healthech company. Michelle, who may be “N…
June 27, 2024

Navigating the Real Power Structures at Your Company

In this episode of HR Heretics, Kelli and Nolan sit down with Andrew Bartlow, a multi time VP of HR and co-founder of People Leader Accelerator. Andrew shares his extensive career from startups to Fortune 100 companies, the …
June 25, 2024

Scale AI's "MEI" Hiring Announcement with Richard Ni, the former Head of People

Scale AI's CEO sparks debate with "MEI" - is meritocracy a threat to diversity? Kelli and Nolan, together with Richard Ni, Scale AI’s former Head of People, weigh in on the implications of this new hiring policy. Together, …