Higher Callings

Higher Callings

Interviews of lawyers and other persons dedicated to serving the common good. The host of Higher Callings is Donald Frederico. An experienced Boston lawyer who has taken on important pro bono cases and led a 12,000 member bar association and other nonprofits, Don has encountered a host of people who have found ways to serve their communities and the broader public and help people in need. We hope that, by shining a light on their good works, Higher Callings will inspire others to find their own paths towards making the world a better place.

Recent Episodes

U.S. District Judge Solomon Oliver, Jr.: A Lifelong Commitment to Equal Justice Under the Law

July 26, 2022

Solomon Oliver is a United States District Judge based in Cleveland, Ohio. Born and raised in the segregated South, he moved north to attend college and, after years of working as an Assistant U.S. Attorney and teaching at b…

The Role of the Career Coach in Discovering Our Callings: A Conversation with Leadership Inklings' Joe Miller

July 18, 2022

What does it take to find our callings? Some people know their callings at an early age, some discover their callings as they progress through school and career, and others may find their true callings much later in life. Wh…

Clinical Legal Education and Public Service: A Conversation with Dean Jens Ohlin and Associate Dean Beth Lyon of Cornell Law School

June 27, 2022

The clinical education offered in law schools can play an important role in preparing future lawyers to pursue their callings, while also empowering students and faculty in real time to provide critical legal services to cli…

Bob and Diane Frankle: Building Bridges Across Religious Divides

June 9, 2022

Bob and Diane Frankle are an interfaith couple who have developed and launched a program to bring together Christians, Jews, and Muslims for meaningful dialogue about their faith traditions and to build enriching friendships…

Ambassador (ret.) Robert A. Sherman: President Obama's "Chief of Mission" in Portugal 2014-2017

May 26, 2022

What compels someone who has had a successful career in the private sector to suddenly leave it for a completely different foray into public service, and more specifically into serving their country? How does the child of im…

Helping Lawyers Find Their Callings: Career Coach Stephen Seckler

Nov. 30, 2021

My most recent guest for Higher Callings is Stephen Seckler. After graduating from law school, Steve took a job with Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, where he organized hundreds of educational programs for lawyers o…