Every week, healthcare VCs and Jumpstart Health Investors co-founders Vic Gatto and Marcus Whitney review and unpack the happenings in US Healthcare, finance, technology and policy. With a firm belief that our healthcare system is doomed without entrepreneurship, they work through the mud to find the jewels, highlight headwinds and tailwinds, and bring on the smartest guests to fill in the gaps.

Recent Episodes

June 16, 2024

67 - The End of Cable News? How Social Media is Dominating Politics

In Episode 67, we discuss former President Trump's conviction, his PR run post-conviction, and his appearance on Logan Paul's podcast. We delve into the influence of social media on elections, comparing Obama's and Biden's s…
June 9, 2024

66 Wealth in America | MDMA | Hot VC Markets | Covid Lessons | NVIDIA’s Software Play

In Episode 66, Vic and Marcus discuss rhinovirus and personal healthcare experiences, advanced healthcare technology and diagnostics, wealth inequality and economic trends, and the Federal Reserve's economic impact. We analy…
June 1, 2024

65 - Medicaid Rates Jump Higher | Cancer’s Impact | Google’s Healthcare AI in EMEA

In this episode, we cover a wide, including recent changes in Medicaid policy, economic trends affecting the healthcare sector, cybersecurity issues, developments in AI technology, IVF funding, range of topics and MedTech de…
May 27, 2024

64 - VC Heats Up w/ 18 New Deals, Doctors Reach Breaking Point, Asthma Cured?

This episode covers the opioid epidemic in Baltimore, AI's impact in healthcare, remote patient monitoring benefits for heart failure, AI diagnostic discrepancies in breast cancer among black women, the health consequences o…
May 23, 2024

63 - At the Intersection of Healthcare & Technology: A Conversation w/ Steve Lieber

In this compelling episode of Health Further, we sit down with Steve Lieber, a venerated figure in healthcare technology and association management. With a career spanning decades, including a significant tenure as CEO at HI…
May 19, 2024

62 Kitty Roars w/ Goldilocks CPI, Guest Host gives Hospital Perspective, Dueling AI

In this episode, Paul Kappelman steps in as a guest host, bringing his rich background in healthcare operations and leadership to the table. As we examine a wide array of topics, from groundbreaking AI developments to the ec…