Every week, healthcare VCs and Jumpstart Health Investors co-founders Vic Gatto and Marcus Whitney review and unpack the happenings in US Healthcare, finance, technology and policy. With a firm belief that our healthcare system is doomed without entrepreneurship, they work through the mud to find the jewels, highlight headwinds and tailwinds, and bring on the smartest guests to fill in the gaps.

Recent Episodes

May 19, 2024

62 Kitty Roars w/ Goldilocks CPI, Guest Host gives Hospital Perspective, Dueling AI

In this episode, Paul Kappelman steps in as a guest host, bringing his rich background in healthcare operations and leadership to the table. As we examine a wide array of topics, from groundbreaking AI developments to the ec…
May 15, 2024

61 - The Future of Healthcare: AI, Innovation, and Impact with Ambar Bhattacharyya

In this episode, Vic & Marcus sit down with Ambar Bhattacharya, managing partner at Maverick Ventures and a fellow member of the Aspen Health Innovators Fellowship, to dive deep into the burgeoning intersection of artifi…
May 14, 2024

60 - Job Loss, Ascension Disrupted, Gene Therapy Cures, CRISPR, AI Friends

This episode unravels the potential and challenges of AI and gene therapy, exploring groundbreaking treatments for diseases like sickle cell anemia, the profound connections between AI and healthcare, and the transformation …
May 9, 2024

59 - Food As Medicine w/ Lauren Driscoll

Vic interviews guest expert Lauren Driscoll, CEO of NourishedRx, To learn about the importance of personalized nutrition in achieving health equity. NourishRx provides nutrition and food access to vulnerable populations, int…
May 5, 2024

Ep 58 - Walmart Health Centers Closed, Marijuana Reclassified, South Bans Abortion, Kaiser's AI

In this episode, Vic and Marcus dive deep into the intersection of tech, healthcare, and AI advancements, shedding light on how these developments are reshaping the way we approach health, coding, and our daily lives. From e…
May 2, 2024

57 - Understanding Heart Disease w/ Cardiac Surgery Dr. Seen Reddy

In this insightful episode, join us as we delve into the complexities of heart disease with Dr. Reddy, a cardiac surgeon with over two decades of experience. From understanding the early onset of heart disease to discussing …