Gettin' Gritty with Dr. J

Gettin' Gritty with Dr. J

Gettin' Gritty with Dr. J is a podcast about building mental toughness on and off the field. Dr. Julie Wiernik is a licensed sports psychologist with over 20 years of experience in improving athlete performance and overall mental health. If you're an athlete, parent, coach, or just someone who wants to become a grittier human being, this is the podcast for you.

Recent Episodes

June 11, 2024

55. The Identity of an Athlete: Balancing Passion and Pressure

In this episode of Gettin' Gritty with Dr. J, we dive into the complex world of youth sports and the identity of an athlete. Dr. J and John Largent discuss the intense pressures young athletes face from their parents, coache…
May 28, 2024

54. From Nostalgia to New Norms: The Competitive Edge in Youth Sports and Coaching

In this episode of Gettin' Gritty with Dr. J, join Dr. J and John Largent as they dive into the nostalgic memories and complex dynamics of youth sports. From their personal coaching experiences in I9 sports to broader discus…
May 21, 2024

53. Navigating Family Dynamics and Building Empathy

In this heartfelt and insightful episode of Gettin' Gritty with Dr. J, we delve into the nuances of family dynamics and the importance of empathy, especially around special occasions. Dr. J shares his personal experiences of…
May 14, 2024

52. Affection and Influence: Celebrating Mothers & How Parental Warmth Shapes Us

In this touching Mother's Day episode of Getting Gritty with Dr. J, we dive deep into the multifaceted roles mothers play in shaping resilience and strength in their children. We delve into the profound impact of parental af…
May 7, 2024

51. Half a Century and Counting: The Evolution of Life, Tech, and Tennis

In this enlightening episode of Gettin' Gritty with Dr. J, the host celebrates turning 50 and reflects on the monumental shifts in technology and lifestyle from her youth to the present. Dr. J and John Largent delve into the…
April 23, 2024

50. Unlocking the Coach Player Dynamic: Finding Growth in Grit

Join Dr. Julie Wiernik and Cade Largent as they dive deep into the complexities of coaching and player dynamics. From discussing the challenges of dealing with favoritism to the importance of perseverance and self-reflection…