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Oct. 15, 2021



IGNATIUS FLIVVER & THE EYE OF CTHULHU: Doctor Phineas Philpott is missing and presumed dead! But he has sent the mystical gem, The Eye of Cthulhu to his old friend Professor Kit Maroney, who is also the boon companion of hearty Victorian adventurer I...

IGNATIUS FLIVVER & THE EYE OF CTHULHU: Doctor Phineas Philpott is missing and presumed dead! But he has sent the mystical gem, The Eye of Cthulhu to his old friend Professor Kit Maroney, who is also the boon companion of hearty Victorian adventurer Ignatius Flivver, with instructions to give it to no one, especially not the Adamite Order of the Ancient Dawn. Will Ignatius triumph? Will the world be saved? Will they be betrayed from within? There's only one way to find out...

Written by Don Goodrum

Directed by Jonathan Cook

Performed by Robb Smith, Marian Thibodeau, Adam Cowart, and Jonathan Cook

Intro/Outro music: JK/47

Additional music provided by:
A Time of Shadows - "All Hallows Eve", "The Treatment Room", and "Plunged Into Darkness"

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Don GoodrumProfile Photo

Don Goodrum


A stage veteran of almost 50 years, Don Goodrum was born in Tennessee
and raised in Mississippi, where he got his first taste of the spotlight as The
King of the Calendar in his second grade play. Don moved onto the church
play circuit and managed to turn a Best Actor win in a One Act Play Festival
into a theatre scholarship to Mississippi College. At MC, Don began writing in
earnest and saw several of his plays produced. After college, Don wound up
married and on the radio, a career choice that kept sharpening his comedic
and writing skills for the next 32 years. Don retired from radio in 2006 and
began teaching high school theatre and writing once again. His short play
Moments Like These has been performed over sixty times around the country
and his one act Techies has been performed over twenty times. He is retired
and lives in Florida where he dotes over three grown daughters, three
granddaughters and a grandson, all of whom spend most of their time arguing
about which of them loves him best.

Robb SmithProfile Photo

Robb Smith

Voice Actor

I was born and raised in Augusta, GA. I started in radio by interning at a local rock station, WRXR, while I was still in high school. My first paying radio gig out of school was in Greenville, SC doing Saturday mornings. I barely made enough money to pay for the gas to get me back and forth on the 5 hour round trip to do my show but I had been bitten by not only the radio bug but the entertainment bug! I loved entertaining and getting to know people. I bounced around from station to station, as you do, for years. Picking up stories and perspectives along the way. I probably learned the most about how to treat people who are your listeners from the time I spent in Birmingham, AL producing the Patti & Dollar Bill morning show on WDXB. They were true radio legends and it was a privilege to learn from them and an honor to call them friends. From there I moved back to Augusta to be closer to family. You can often find me on stage with one of the great theatre groups here in town. I can also be seen and heard in several television commercials nationally and you might even catch a glimpse of me in some movies too. I love photography, cooking, and my pup, Magnolia the Malshi.

Marian ThibodeauProfile Photo

Marian Thibodeau

Voice Actor

Marian Thibodeau is an actor and singer currently residing in Augusta, GA. She is a mom of two young girls but enjoys pursuing her love of acting when she can. She was most recently seen on stage playing Cayly in Kingdumb, which was the first live-recorded episode for the podcast, Gather by the Ghost Light. She also had the privilege of playing Sandra/Florence in Le Chat Noir’s sold out run of The Play that Goes Wrong. Along with podcasts and live theater, Marian has been involved in a handful of short films that you find on YouTube, or, hear her in numerous episodes on the Gather by the Ghost Light podcast.

Adam CowartProfile Photo

Adam Cowart

Voice Actor

Highschool Spanish teacher and creator of the Itty Bitty Bob YouTube series.

Jonathan CookProfile Photo

Jonathan Cook

Playwright / Voice Actor / Host

Jonathan Cook is heavily involved in the fine arts as an actor, writer, and filmmaker based in South Carolina. Many of his short plays have been produced in theatres around the World and and he is a six-time recipient of the Porter Fleming Literary Award in the playwriting category. Aside from playwriting, he has also written and directed several short films that have been presented in regional film festivals as well as distributed internationally on ShortsTV. He is also the host and producer of the radio theater podcast GATHER BY THE GHOST LIGHT. Launched in 2020, GATHER BY THE GHOST LIGHT is a collection of stage plays adapted to an audio only format performed by voice actors and edited with appropriate sound effects and music.