Gather by the Ghost Light

Gather by the Ghost Light

GATHER BY THE GHOST LIGHT is a storytelling podcast in radio theater format. Think of the Ghost Light as your campfire. Gather around and listen to stories from a variety of genres. Playwright, Jonathan Cook, is the host of the series and most of the stories you hear were originally written as short stage plays that have been produced in theatres around the World. Short play festivals have become wildly popular in recent years and they have given emerging playwrights a platform for their work. The audio plays produced on this podcast are mostly selected from Festival Award Winners giving these talented playwrights an even wider audience for their stories. We welcome you to join us in this journey as we extend the voices of emerging playwrights!
Gather by the Ghost Light is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) company. Donations are tax deductible and always welcome!

Recent Episodes

”AIN’T THE BIGGEST CITY” by Straton Rushing

Sept. 14, 2023

AIN'T THE BIGGEST CITY: When an inmate dies at the county jail under suspicious circumstances, the EMT who oversaw the affair is brought in for questioning. She might have a secret or two, but as connections arise more and m…

”THE DEMON LADY” by John Patrick Bray

Sept. 1, 2023

THE DEMON LADY: A couple of friends decide to escape for a weekend and go camping but a sudden storm in the middle of the night destroys their tent and now they are on the run looking for shelter. But what they find instead …

”TOOTH OR DARE” by Emily McClain

July 31, 2023

TOOTH OR DARE: Don't piss off the tooth fairy. Just don't do it. Written by Emily McClain Directed by Jonathan Cook Performed by:Andrew Jones as "Andrew", Jamie Johnson Turner as "Lydia", and Kayla Gardner as "The Tooth F…


July 13, 2023

WHEEL OF FORTUNE REVERSED: Death has come for Michael but Michael has a bucket list that only the Grim Reaper can fulfill. Written by Scott C. Sickles Directed by Jonathan Cook Performed by:Robert J. Leblanc as "Michael" …


June 30, 2023

A TRAGEDY OF OWLS: After a successful anti-Nazi attack, two Dutch co-conspirators, Lau Mazirel and Willem Arondeus, meet in prison - one free and one facing death. Both have an urgent but opposing plea for the other. Written…


June 26, 2023

PLAYING WITH DOLLS: Two men exchange dolls in an alleyway, a simple trade that turns out to not be so simple. Written by John Mabey Directed by Jonathan Cook Performed by:Ryan Abel as "Carl" and Sean Moton as "Gregory" Intro…

About the Host

Jonathan CookProfile Photo

Jonathan Cook

Creator and Host

Jonathan Cook is an award-winning playwright and film-maker based in Augusta, GA. Many of his stage plays have been produced around the World and he's a six-time recipient of the Porter Fleming Literary Award.