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Gather by the Ghost Light

Gather by the Ghost Light

GATHER BY THE GHOST LIGHT is storytelling podcast in radio theater format. Think of the Ghost Light as your campfire. Gather around and listen to stories from a variety of genres. Playwright, Jonathan Cook, is the host of the series and most of the stories you hear were originally written as short stage plays that have been produced in theatres around the World. Short play festivals have become wildly popular in recent years and they have given emerging playwrights a platform for their work. The audio plays produced on this podcast are mostly selected from Festival Award Winners giving these talented playwrights an even wider audience for their stories. We welcome you to join us in this journey as we extend the voices of emerging playwrights!

Recent Episodes

Ep 20: The Deal

Nov. 18, 2021

THE DEAL: A short horror/thriller play set in the mid-1950s. A widow is visited by a sinister stranger looking to collect one of her late husband’s outstanding debts. Written by Ryan Kaminski Produced and directed by Jonatha…

Ep: 19: Ignatius Flivver & the Eye of Cthulhu

Oct. 15, 2021

IGNATIUS FLIVVER & THE EYE OF CTHULHU: Doctor Phineas Philpott is missing and presumed dead! But he has sent the mystical gem, The Eye of Cthulhu to his old friend Professor Kit Maroney, who is also the boon companion of hea…

Ep: 18: The Shed

Oct. 1, 2021

THE SHED: Jimmy has  a secret that he's burning to tell to his best friend, Charlie - that his mama keeps a witch chained up in their shed! Charlie wants Jimmy to prove it by showing, but that may not be such a good idea... …

Ep 17: Remembered

Sept. 17, 2021

REMEMBERED: Walls are diaries and rooms have desires. In the buying and selling of a house, two people discover what's truly at stake and the power of finding love through loss. Written by John Mabey Directed by Jonathan Coo…

Ep:16 People Will Talk

Aug. 19, 2021

PEOPLE WILL TALK: Two strangers meet on a building ledge, where they ponder life, and the choreography of jumping. Written by Scott Mullen Directed by Jonathan Cook Performed by Erica Garraffa and Jason Latimer Intro/Outro m…

Ep 15: Doctors & Lawyers (1st Edition Rules)

July 8, 2021

DOCTORS & LAWYERS (1st Edition Rules): Imagine an alternate reality where ruthless Barbarians, powerful Wizards, and cunning Thieves dive into the Fantasy Corporate World with the hit roleplaying game DOCTORS & LAWYERS (1st …